Low price Audio Technica ATH M50S 104 99

Low price: Audio-Technica ATH-M50S 4.99

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S’s flagship professional monitor the iron triangle was launched, using a 45mm large diameter neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets drive units, flanged design, is equipped with a storage bag adapter. Parameters 98dB, 38 euro, respectively. The sound quality on the value for money and quality reputation. VR Box headset VR box 3D headset

Audio-Technica ATH-M50S low price $ 104.99, about 640 Yuan or so, prices at around 740, Taobao shopping service for 899, mainstream price in 1500+.

VR Box headset

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The little meat it really makes you want to lick the screen

The little meat, it really makes you want to lick the screen!

Qatar designer Gonzalo Ausejo this young fresh meat (didn’t find a better map, black and white all of you to experience), and as with most graphic design wet, like software to create objects.

Kenzo iPhone

I remember the first joined the PS, using the mouse to draw a Coke bottle, Palm came God has created a world of excitement! But look, when, no, now also still weak burst. No comparison, no injuries!

Small meat love to paint fresh meat, and Dan high Oh! A style eccentric figures of fruit collection, polygon fruits of bright color, watermelon, pineapple, cherry, grape … … However I don’t care how you draw it, because the watch I was hungry, I just like to put fresh meat all stuffed into the stomach. Kenzo iPhone


Really, there are no licking the screen?! Kenzo iPhone 5 cover



Sony released the entry level A68

Sony released the entry-level A68

Brand new Sony A68, used 24 million pixels, APS Exmor CMOS,ISO100~25600 painting, using the BIONZ imaging processor x, on the with the A77 II and A99 hybrid OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder the viewfinder can provide more realistic framing effects, Fuselage has a 2.7-inch LCD screen, as well as shoulder screen, fuselage built in image stabilization, 4D AF, with 79 to focus, use lens technology, in the Dim light can also be Dyollen shot 8 shots a second. Video recording, the A68 supports 50Mbps XAVC s full HD video recording.

Sony released the entry-level A68
Sony released the entry-level A68
Sony released the entry-level A68
Sony released the entry-level A68
Sony released the entry-level A68

Regarding price, A68 stand-alone am 600 euros (4140), with DT18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM II lens kit price of 700 € (4830).


Sony released the entry-level A68
Sony released the entry-level A68

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Lunatik iWatch Case

Sony A68

14 votes Lunatik iWatch Case

Sony A68

24 million pixels, the APS-C Exmor CMOS,ISO100~25600,BIONZ x image processor, hybrid OLED + shoulder Tru-Finder the viewfinder screen, fuselage built in image stabilization, 4D AF, with 79 focus supports 50Mbps XAVC s full HD video recording.

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This year the world s largest aircraft completed external rocket

The world’s largest aircraft scheduled completion this year. It does not consist of large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus, but by the United States investment in Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, built and designed to compete for commercial satellite launch market.

This project consists of Allen’s Vulcan space companies space launch systems implementation, skelde company responsible for the design and manufacture of composite technology. Allen and skelde company founder Burt Rutan to develop the world’s first privately funded manned spacecraft to study “spacecraft first.”

It has two bodies, of six engines, about 73 meters in length. Its wingspan of 117 meters, more than the world’s largest aircraft, Ukraine made in Antonov an-225 transport aircraft. It used two Boeing 747 aircraft engines, landing gear, avionics and other components fuselage, wing is built with lightweight composite materials by hand, will be the largest composite aircraft.

Reuters reported on 20th, the plane is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, commercial service is expected to start by 2020. It has completed the Assembly of 76%, engines, landing gear and tail is not installed. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

The plane’s mission was to satellites, particularly in low-Earth orbit satellite launch services. By design, it can store the rocket or spacecraft to high altitude, and ignition rocket or spacecraft to fly to the track. The plane’s maximum load capacity of up to 250 tons.

Moschino Samsung Note3 case

Compared to traditional rocket launches, which can reduce cost and quickly and accurately put the satellite into orbit.

At present, to sell low-Earth orbit satellite networks to provide Internet access, Earth images and climate data and other services to new business services is on the rise. Reuters reported, based on low-cost spacecraft satellite network is the world’s fastest-growing areas in the satellite industry. United States satellite industry association data showed that in 2015, the global satellite industry revenues of over US $ 208 billion. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

Vulcan space Chake·bimeisi, head of the company said, the company is planning and several rocket companies, provides small and medium space launch services, manned commercial space flight and research is not within the company business plan.

Source: NetEase

Recent price Casio GWM5610 1 99

Recent price: Casio GWM5610-1

Casio G-Shock of the most derived version of the classic 5600, GWM5610-1 supports six waves, eco-drive drive, automatic backlight life, boss and 200 m waterproof. 5600 series appearance changed little, but all players of the classic choice, Joker profile retro clean either is the current front lines are also a good choice. Moschino Galaxy S5

Casio GWM5610-1 recent low price of $ 99, about 600, at 680 Yuan. Domestic price 800~1000 Yuan, the price advantage.

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Recent price: Casio GWM5610-1
Recent price: Casio GWM5610-1
Red Note 3

1468 votes

Red Note 3

Red Note 3 this new paragraph, rice stressed that this is their first full metal phone, of course it is also owned by millet’s first to provide fingerprint identification phone. Red Note 3 gray, silver and gold three optional, millet official stressed that the use of new technology, so that its metal shell fit right in, and in order to guarantee great texture, designed to use the arc-shaped edge, 120th double blast of sand material.

Moschino S5

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360 panorama VR helmet cameras unmanned when the combination of the three out

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned, regardless of which one is a hot product, if the combination of the three, is more interesting. Now, small minds think of jobs in 07 press conference that classical language at the beginning of the iPhone generation.

Recently, from Indiegogo landed on a United States company Queen b Exo360 UAV Robotics Team in his introduction, calling it the world’s first can take 360-degree panoramic 4K video drones, while combining VR helmets, enjoy 360 panoramic images of the first view.

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Exo360 size 44*44*14.6 cm, weighs 1.8 kg. 6600 mAh battery, battery life for 18 minutes. Up to 3-kilometer range, live return farthest distance of 1.5 km. With 5 cameras, located in each of the four propellers and fuselage near the bottom, standard version 1080P video and 12MP photo pixels, Pro version 4K video and PIX 16MP photo shoot. Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Control, you can use the remote control or mobile phone APP. During the filming, the user can shoot video, after the video APP can automatically be grouped together, then you can share the video to social networking sites.

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Exo360 several functions:

Follows: the APP settings, Exo360 at the specified location, like in front, behind, next to follow the user.

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Eagle eye: the drone can fly directly above the user, filming in the perspective of God;

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Hover: after you specify the Center, no chance for the center around this flight, or “Pan”;

Dive: no chance from the specified point 100-meter-high began to take dives and eventually stop 5 metres away from a specified point;

Horizontal panorama: located near the propeller levels of four cameras to shoot video and photos;

360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

Route live: set the unmanned route through the mobile phone, drones can route live, users can also bring VR equipment real time watch the drones to shoot 360 degree panoramic images.

Return: after the shoot is over, drones can automatically return according to the instructions, landed at a distance of 5 meters of mobile phone location.

Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Exo360 standard, the early bird price of $ 999, 4K the early bird price of $ 1399. Shipment is expected in December this year. Although it looks very interesting, but herd raised almost half a month in the past, only 34 supporters, the result is not very ideal.


360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks
360 panorama, VR helmet cameras, unmanned when the combination of the three out what sparks

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Millet 4I

3784 votes Paul Frank iPad Air 2 Case

Millet 4I

Variants as a downgrading for the midrange model, millet 4 hardware configuration I was still a very cost-effective mobile phones. Red rice at similar price points and charming blue although the price is a little lower, but configuration does not meet the standards millet 4 I, profile millet 4 I close to the people, at a slightly higher price in Exchange for better performance and appearance, so why not?

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VR s got talent for composition in the exams look to the virtual rooted in

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) by the writer Wang Rui, VR senior industry practitioners.

Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

VR's got talent for composition in the exams: look to the virtual, rooted in reality

Perhaps since the beginning, fly in virtual reality has become a hot topic in the homes of ordinary people. Different shape of the egg Chair from the Mall, to the coffee shop next door was decorated with dazzling signboards experience store, and blots out the stars ‘ advertisements, has declared in a loud voice–the future, carrying the “world’s first” reputation, wrapped in “elusive” mystery.

We can’t even imagine just a few years, the advances of the State of the industry:

Oculus digital helmet will have tens of thousands of dollars into thousand-Yuan level of household products and human motion capture and interactive device is falls from a million sold quickly; addition of giants such as Facebook and make the vision of these products suddenly come to life. Continuingly world immersive sense of immersion, as well as the resulting worldview and ethics problems, occupying all of a sudden the media headlines, a name for the first year of VR’s fateful burden firmly around 2016 the ordinary year on the head.

Motivation of such beauty is not just ordinary people, more numerous cherished ideal of entrepreneurs.

Some of them used to be many years of scientific research on data visualization expert, some are intelligent hardware and electrical fields of Sentosa, others are traditional game development and service team was born. VR of unlimited possibilities lit has they of warmly: even cheap of head explicit still exists delay, and resolution, and dispersion and compatibility of many problem, its price also cannot was eventually user by accept; even virtual space of interactive means also to be upgrade, just is mouse and handles also far cannot meet people in unreal space in the by need of real touch; even content shortage and uneven, line Xia experience Museum of profit space also is not clear, team also little related integrated and operation of experience…… If you do compare with cask principle, current Director of the virtual reality industry is short of leaking, also failed to establish a standard form, like the PDA had been born prematurely die. But brave pioneers are always firmly believe that this short dark just like the Smartphone when newborn cries, and the storm of change.

Giants standards, manufacturers accounted for the track, lay bet on ecology, professional tailor content. What industry does not seem to be thriving from the outset, but can really drop the product, but very few. This is not a practitioner incompetence, but the inevitable stages of technology development, from concept to prototype to the original product, and then iterate, debug, miniaturized, iteration … … Finally has a chance to become the user’s eye.

And virtual reality was the beginning of the long road, a lot of behavior must be based on specific technical achievement-oriented. Frequently boast of Haikou can bring profits, but failed to bring the user loyalty. If more and more people just for early adopters and contact VR, then gave up because of the unsatisfactory experience VR, it is undoubtedly a harm to the fragile babies. However, many people in this vast sea when hunted, but I’m afraid there is little opportunity to reflect on such a proposition: virtual reality, is an independent and worthy of users pay for new business? Above are to be attached to the existing consumption pattern, bring about a new and appropriate immersive experience?

Maybe and there is no clear answer to this question, but every time when we are about VR sex, user demand continued to focus on pornography; and VR entertainment, focus is entertainment.

The current virtual reality, as one was burning hot pot, everyone was stoked fire, looked at the heat and bubble joy. Wait until the smoke clears, only if chopsticks up chaos, then it isn’t much fun anymore.

Therefore, choose to embrace virtual worlds, or fled back to real life – at this stage is only built on the rickety dinghy-good idea. Virtual reality to become an integral part of life for all, as well as build a continuingly matrix, which is now out of reach.

Far, Chuangye Road, ebb tide – hang the mussel may eventually vomit pearls, are successful; hang of pebbles but still is pebbles, is more sleek. And in the us, and make a declaration of sentiments and, rather than common do their accumulation of technology, short barrel cover. Spread your wings like geese, before take off, the total first down to Earth as well.

 Editor’s Note: Wang Rui has written 14 years ago out of college entrance examination of the composition, the composition, you can play for a few minutes?

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Millet Note Hat Edition

1887 votes

Millet Note Hat Edition Victorias Secret Case for iPhone 5

Millet Note Hat indeed stronger than other phones with the same processor performance, as to whether the legend of “Xiao long version V2.1 810” played a role, we have no idea, but there is no doubt that it does have a lot of advantages in kernel optimization. Millet Note Hat voices to remain consistent and Standard Edition, but more on the transient performance of sound excellent. In addition, the hat to dive at low frequencies also will feel in place, also has some strengthening of sound field.

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