Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest): the author Zhu Yulong, automotive engineer. Zhu share content on the industry, as are interested in cars, you can look at his theme: the new intellectual drive that: automatic driving things | Zhu Yulong special.

Last night it would maxed ADAS discussion groups, each smaller partners very gung-ho about this topic, we now focus on several directions.

1, why did Tesla terminated cooperation with ME?

Tesla has relied on such a fast switch core suppliers?

Tesla what perfect Autopilot?

2 why Mobileye CTO his speeches serious?

Mobileye’s current core business is what?

Cooperation and traditional car companies such as BMW location is?

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

| Tesla

Here’s Elon’s full statement:

“This was expected and will not have any material effect on our plans. MobilEye’s ability to evolve its technology is unfortunately negatively affected by having to support hundreds of models from legacy auto companies, resulting in a very high engineering drag coefficient. Tesla is laser-focused on achieving full self-driving capability on one integrated platform with an order of magnitude greater safety than the average manually driven car.”

Why the Tesla stopped cooperation with ME? In simple terms, there are probably two reasons

1, Mobileye Tesla suppliers are not good enough: running too slow, too many customers.

There are also several meanings:

Mobileye ADAS projects needed to support other automotive OEM, which is the core of the business to make money, including the new problems arising from the project and after sales process

Mobileye its core research and development including: Tie1 developed three at present, as the next-generation system, REM map, look around the system and integration information, automatic driving systems

2, Tesla would concentrate more on (laser-focused), laser focus on automated driving, need to continue to run blindfolded

Tesla can tap more resources to optimize system

Tesla without Mobileye will have more choice Victorias Secret Case

Tesla has relied on such a fast switch core suppliers?

Tesla is not a traditional routines of Auto company, so in this issue, we can see that its structure of Autopilto, brother this is a sort of bus structure (much detail than I do)

1, BCM, and the gateway module is integrated with

2, the entire Autopilot involved in critical components, including Victorias Secret case for iPad Mini

Powertrain: BMS+ grid-connected inverter

Chassis electronics: EPS, ABS&ESP, radar and Camera module module

    Tesla to practice of IT, reads the data from all users who turn on Autopilot, by Tesla owners use. These users use the Autopilot in the process and drive, the road running (or test), collected through the Telematic road information and the operation of vehicles and the Autopilot system, where the Raw data and summary result information to a database of Tesla.

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

For Tesla, so refactoring system is also very easy-

Expansion bus system

Sening system reconstruction in their software and decision support system

Tesla how to improve under Autopilot?

Next, Tesla has several directions:

1): originally, Tesla has a big Firmare team, leading the British can be carefully searched. Clip students David Nist ´ in er, Jim Keller, two great God will bring follow-up algorithms and chip resources is a toss-up.

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

2) rebuild the Sensing System

Join the Lidar: the unlikely, solid Lidar company with the current start-up phase may be feasible

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

Velodyne products at this stage of your

IBEO is Germany vendor’s typical appearance, and Tesla is very low, on the way to mass production SOP2018 year too late

Quanergy (what do you think? )

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

Add eyes, broadened their borders


You guess which is most likely?

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

All in all, Elon is Joe’s master of character “despots” leader, started there is no turning back, it would run blindfolded.

| Mobileye

God said Amnon Shashua–

Finally, I have a few words to say about our relationship with Tesla. Mobileye’s work with Tesla will not extend beyond EyeQ3. We continue to support and maintain the current Tesla autopilot product lines. These include the significant upgrade of several functions that affect both our ability to respond to crash avoidance and to optimize auto-steering in the near term without any hardware updates.

Nevertheless, in our view, moving forward to more advanced autonomy is a paradigm shift both in terms of function complexity and the need to ensure an extremely high level of safety. There is much at stake here, to Mobileye’s reputation and to the industry at large.

Mobileye believes that achieving this objective requires partnerships that go beyond the typical OEM-supplier relationship such as our recently-announced collaboration with BMW and Intel. Mobileye will continue to pursue similar such relationships.

Because Tesla these types of businesses in the industry become strange, a matter of cooperation, share prices go down, a little hard to imagine before, the automotive industry is shenglayingzhuai so much. As God intended, we want to develop the autopilot is a long-term thing, is a very complex thing. The way he chose, as traditional enterprise together.

Mythology, to act according to the rules, only a better understanding of the complexity of things, truly understand the difficulties and the time required to achieve

If you are interested, you can carefully read the speech material:

1. 2016 06 The Three Pillars of Autonomous Driving

2. 2016 06 CVPR 2016 Autonomous Driving, Computer Vision and Machine Learning

3. 2016 04 17 What goes into sensing for autonomous driving?

4. 2016 01 CES2016 autonomous driving and road mapping 

5. 2015 08 31 Computer vision, wearable computing and the future of transportation

Amnon’s three pillars, is mentioned in the speech repeatedly, in fact, ME is the core of the company image recognition technology

In previous evolution: by identifying object extended extended => to the road space available discriminant => => road bump the edge detection can detect changes in a sidewalk bench.

And then through the joint and the automakers to expand their algorithm for scene: ACC and low speed based on Visual TJA

On that basis and then, further consideration

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye

We’ll see the deconstruction of the REM business model, ME again and clever:

Automotive OEM back to raw image data to build a REM

Adopted and existing providers of high-precision maps Tom Tom map and HERE to build a low cost, real Tie1 map suppliers and business, provided ME a technical algorithm

Algorithm will always be the core of ME

Victorias Secret Case

On REM technology, we are in the final stages of signing our first definitive contract with Volkswagen. Based on our discussions, we believe that REM can provide dynamic mapping services that become a valued layer within navigational mapping products. The principle that we will agree with Volkswagen should form a universal framework that will be applicable to and form the basis of our arrangements with other OEMs.

Discussions with map providers, TomTom and HERE, also have been promising. We believe that by the end of the year, REM technology will be adopted by four, five incremental OEM partners and that we will be able to share the business model principles publicly.

 Here, for example, the algorithm is limited, the system needs to know the limits of algorithms to take measures, in particular, future systems, abuse problems means more than just goodwill.

Talk about Tesla broke up with Mobileye


1) different phases, two each with their own thoughts, are strong bad news yet, talk about breaking up this is a normal event.

2) we seriously look at Tesla we learn anything, seriously evaluate, the so-called autopilot can do to contain the risk.

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