This year the world s largest aircraft completed external rocket

The world’s largest aircraft scheduled completion this year. It does not consist of large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus, but by the United States investment in Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, built and designed to compete for commercial satellite launch market.

This project consists of Allen’s Vulcan space companies space launch systems implementation, skelde company responsible for the design and manufacture of composite technology. Allen and skelde company founder Burt Rutan to develop the world’s first privately funded manned spacecraft to study “spacecraft first.”

It has two bodies, of six engines, about 73 meters in length. Its wingspan of 117 meters, more than the world’s largest aircraft, Ukraine made in Antonov an-225 transport aircraft. It used two Boeing 747 aircraft engines, landing gear, avionics and other components fuselage, wing is built with lightweight composite materials by hand, will be the largest composite aircraft.

Reuters reported on 20th, the plane is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, commercial service is expected to start by 2020. It has completed the Assembly of 76%, engines, landing gear and tail is not installed. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

The plane’s mission was to satellites, particularly in low-Earth orbit satellite launch services. By design, it can store the rocket or spacecraft to high altitude, and ignition rocket or spacecraft to fly to the track. The plane’s maximum load capacity of up to 250 tons.

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Compared to traditional rocket launches, which can reduce cost and quickly and accurately put the satellite into orbit.

At present, to sell low-Earth orbit satellite networks to provide Internet access, Earth images and climate data and other services to new business services is on the rise. Reuters reported, based on low-cost spacecraft satellite network is the world’s fastest-growing areas in the satellite industry. United States satellite industry association data showed that in 2015, the global satellite industry revenues of over US $ 208 billion. Moschino Samsung Note3 case

Vulcan space Chake·bimeisi, head of the company said, the company is planning and several rocket companies, provides small and medium space launch services, manned commercial space flight and research is not within the company business plan.

Source: NetEase


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