VR s got talent for composition in the exams look to the virtual rooted in

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) by the writer Wang Rui, VR senior industry practitioners.

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VR's got talent for composition in the exams: look to the virtual, rooted in reality

Perhaps since the beginning, fly in virtual reality has become a hot topic in the homes of ordinary people. Different shape of the egg Chair from the Mall, to the coffee shop next door was decorated with dazzling signboards experience store, and blots out the stars ‘ advertisements, has declared in a loud voice–the future, carrying the “world’s first” reputation, wrapped in “elusive” mystery.

We can’t even imagine just a few years, the advances of the State of the industry:

Oculus digital helmet will have tens of thousands of dollars into thousand-Yuan level of household products and human motion capture and interactive device is falls from a million sold quickly; addition of giants such as Facebook and make the vision of these products suddenly come to life. Continuingly world immersive sense of immersion, as well as the resulting worldview and ethics problems, occupying all of a sudden the media headlines, a name for the first year of VR’s fateful burden firmly around 2016 the ordinary year on the head.

Motivation of such beauty is not just ordinary people, more numerous cherished ideal of entrepreneurs.

Some of them used to be many years of scientific research on data visualization expert, some are intelligent hardware and electrical fields of Sentosa, others are traditional game development and service team was born. VR of unlimited possibilities lit has they of warmly: even cheap of head explicit still exists delay, and resolution, and dispersion and compatibility of many problem, its price also cannot was eventually user by accept; even virtual space of interactive means also to be upgrade, just is mouse and handles also far cannot meet people in unreal space in the by need of real touch; even content shortage and uneven, line Xia experience Museum of profit space also is not clear, team also little related integrated and operation of experience…… If you do compare with cask principle, current Director of the virtual reality industry is short of leaking, also failed to establish a standard form, like the PDA had been born prematurely die. But brave pioneers are always firmly believe that this short dark just like the Smartphone when newborn cries, and the storm of change.

Giants standards, manufacturers accounted for the track, lay bet on ecology, professional tailor content. What industry does not seem to be thriving from the outset, but can really drop the product, but very few. This is not a practitioner incompetence, but the inevitable stages of technology development, from concept to prototype to the original product, and then iterate, debug, miniaturized, iteration … … Finally has a chance to become the user’s eye.

And virtual reality was the beginning of the long road, a lot of behavior must be based on specific technical achievement-oriented. Frequently boast of Haikou can bring profits, but failed to bring the user loyalty. If more and more people just for early adopters and contact VR, then gave up because of the unsatisfactory experience VR, it is undoubtedly a harm to the fragile babies. However, many people in this vast sea when hunted, but I’m afraid there is little opportunity to reflect on such a proposition: virtual reality, is an independent and worthy of users pay for new business? Above are to be attached to the existing consumption pattern, bring about a new and appropriate immersive experience?

Maybe and there is no clear answer to this question, but every time when we are about VR sex, user demand continued to focus on pornography; and VR entertainment, focus is entertainment.

The current virtual reality, as one was burning hot pot, everyone was stoked fire, looked at the heat and bubble joy. Wait until the smoke clears, only if chopsticks up chaos, then it isn’t much fun anymore.

Therefore, choose to embrace virtual worlds, or fled back to real life – at this stage is only built on the rickety dinghy-good idea. Virtual reality to become an integral part of life for all, as well as build a continuingly matrix, which is now out of reach.

Far, Chuangye Road, ebb tide – hang the mussel may eventually vomit pearls, are successful; hang of pebbles but still is pebbles, is more sleek. And in the us, and make a declaration of sentiments and, rather than common do their accumulation of technology, short barrel cover. Spread your wings like geese, before take off, the total first down to Earth as well.

 Editor’s Note: Wang Rui has written 14 years ago out of college entrance examination of the composition, the composition, you can play for a few minutes?

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