Hackers claim miles away will be able to hack the drone

  According to the United States of Wired magazine, the rise of consumer-grade four-rotor UAV United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and secret service (the Secret Service) nightmare. However, the United States Government cheaper unmanned aerial vehicle used for surveillance, government service and military activities. A security researcher claims in Government will be put to use at least one of the aircraft models of aircraft have serious security vulnerabilities, they may be a kilometer outside attack by hackers.

Ted Baker note 3 covers

  It was reported that due to the lack of encryption between unmanned aerial vehicles and remote control, any tampering with the unmanned aerial vehicle flight software hackers can send analog remote control navigation instructions, stop the drones at the same time master sends all the instructions.

  University security researcher Nils helantewente. Rhodes (Nils Rodday), high-end unmanned aerial vehicles may also have such security vulnerabilities. Rhodes found he by research of no machine exists two a serious of security omissions: first, remote control and user flat computer Zhijian of Wi-Fi connection using of is weak “WEP (wired equivalent encryption)” encryption technology, in number seconds within on will was hacker success attack; second, no machine with telemetry component Zhijian of Exchange main through a lack security of radio agreement to achieved, although communications process in the using of Xbee chip has built-in of encryption function, but to let no machine of reaction more sensitive, Users will not use this feature, which makes drones more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Ted Baker note 3 covers Ted Baker note 3 covers

  It was reported that Rohde’s discovery has caused the UAV manufacturer’s focus on unmanned security vulnerabilities, manufacturers are also planned on the occasion of next-generation four-rotor UAV launched to solve the security issue.

  However, Rhodes said, for those who have sold drones to resolve security vulnerabilities will not be so easy. Because the drones are unable to connect to the Internet, so you can’t download security updates. And even if able to download security updates, can also affect the UAV after the reaction speed of the directive.

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