Hard to create open class 7 Noitom Dai Ruoli VR so fire startups have any chance

Whether it’s Google, Microsoft, Apple, and persevering entrepreneurs, seems to have a soft spot for VR industry, VR industry in the field of entrepreneurship was on fire.

So, so fire industry, which pits, and what other things to do? Noitom co-founder and serves as CTO Dai Ruoli hard open class in the October 24, made a keynote speech.

According to Dai Ruoli introduction, VR is not a new thing, something is done for years, 91 VR at the consumer level, but failed. Until the advent of Oculus Rift, let everyone see this piece of the market. Oculus Rift success mainly depends on its ability to integrate systems, and prices strong.

What big companies are doing?

In fact, Microsoft, Google, Apple, including Samsung VR-there’s a big investment, so, what do they do?

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Dai Ruoli analysis said that three large companies in this industry are HTC VIVE, Sony, Oculus Rift, is home to three very complete industrial chain, they do output devices, so this is a fact, the output is very, very strong competition in the industry, mainstream manufacturers are output devices. Because virtual reality this things light to you handles is can’t play of, some traditional entered equipment mouse, and shake rod, attitude and displacement controller has been are some, so in they several select himself to do a a head wearing display, and they have are has is powerful content integration capacity of when, this pieces things has can ahead go has, this products can play has, can sold has.

As an input device seems to be the second thing, doing a good thing as an input device is not that crowded, this in the hardware business may give us some basis for selection, that is, at least we have a market where it’s crowded, but blue.

Meanwhile, in terms of output device, Dai Ruoli sea view, plug mobile VR VR devices that plug into computers more difficult. Hard team which created a start-up, dynamic display is not difficult, as a computer VR head-mounted display and VR head-mounted display of the phone is not very difficult.

Mobile end VR difficult in software side, phone it of rendering capacity and computer not a level of, so said if wants to in phone this end get is good of is smooth of, most basic of 60 needle such rendering speed, let people is comfortable not dizziness, by pay optimization of cost, code of cost engineering volume is is greater than computer VR of, and computer VR also has a things, it open source has, so said actually do computer VR obstacles was sweep off has, if said in this tablets Red Sea everyone also to to do, and points two block, PC VR VR and mobile phones, I personally think the VR the computer easier. We and back head for computer VR is crowded, and phone VR leader only Samsung a, so phone VR if really has strength also is is worth to do of, because industry for virtual reality to judge is such, on think phone VR future body volume far is greater than computer VR, on like we phone such things gradually will replaced PC host, that computer VR market gradually will atrophy, again back go everyone demands on will upgrade.

Startups have any chance?

As an entrepreneur, in addition to large companies, “confrontation”, but also to do their own thing. In this connection, the Dai Ruoli to entrepreneurs to put forward more detailed proposals.

Dai Ruoli believes that if the traits or qualities, the founder of the company, more suitable for doing Foundation work, research and development capabilities are particularly strong, theoretical foundation is solid, capable of dialogue and direct, so you can try to do some virtual reality hardware support, input some basic work. But if it is a special Web-APP mobile client programming, partial mode operation so background, of course, the two say, cannot say that should not be done now, but be ready no income for a long time, there may be two years or even three years in grave to make ends meet. Hermes iPhone 5 Case

Content platform, Dai Ruoli will be divided into three categories, first broadcast media categories, like a big show, a movie, a real-time view of the virtual reality allows the audience to see it. But the problem is the perspective directions of their choice, and might have missed something. So the broadcast class if you do, of course, this is a very good market, because it gives the Visual impact on the market is unprecedented, the abundance of information has one more dimension, is well worth doing, but also many holes. New support users are not real users, quickly drain away. How to retain customers is a very big problem.

Type II is a game. Game is very good, games are the first three things that they are doing at present, many different, hand-side tour, have such experience, theme park experience, but comprehensive summary of the game’s virtual reality contents of some requirements, human experience demand is much higher than in any other direction. In other words, a virtual reality game is really hard to do, now in the early efforts to take basic hardware support, rendering support, the support of very, very early in the game when, in fact, want to achieve were satisfied by real gamers are not particularly easy. Now all location tracking, for example, and its delay were still in perfect condition, he is still suspected, whether there is a continued to play 20 minutes dizziness.

Third is social. Social class application is third class Dai Ruoli think quite good of a direction, social and game just instead, if user with QQ not smooth is can forget of, because other is special wants to communication exchange of people you tolerance degree will very high, virtual reality social in virtual reality this industry, technology support not too good of aspects is very very good of direction, so these is wants to with everyone told of virtual reality hardware, actually it are is some direction.


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Samsung Gear VR 2

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Samsung Gear VR 2

Virtual reality technology is more mature, Samsung beat Oculus VR head-mounted display before sale, 24th Oculus Connect Developers Conference, announced the second generation of Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display to be held on November 13 this year began shipping, and the price is only $ 99 (about NT $ 3200).

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