Two 27 inch Acer gaming monitor at 799

  If you are a gamer, so this news is a good news for you. Today, Acer has released two monitors, XB271HU and XB271HK.

  The new 27-inch monitors, 165Hz refresh rate, supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

  Acer Predator XB271HU WQHD resolution level the screen, 2560 x 1440 resolution IPS Panel, screen response time 4ms, maximum brightness of 350 CD/m ², sRGB color gamut values for 100%. Acer gaming monitor refresh rate is 144Hz, but after the opening G-Sync, to 165Hz.

Two 27-inch Acer gaming monitor at $ 799

  Acer’s new game the screen using the almost frameless design, giving players a more visual experience. In addition, it also comes with a black and red color scheme support, allows the user to adjust the height, swivel and tilt, and so on.

  A display name is XB271HK, and XB271HU different is that its 4K Ultra HD resolution level, IPS material, only the 60Hz the refresh rate. 4ms response time, however, the maximum brightness does not meet 350cd/m ², only 300cd/m km².

  Acer NVIDIA G-Sync technology is supported by the two monitors, which can effectively prevent the game screen tearing and Caton. In addition, Acer GameView also allows users to switch in three display modes, in order to find the right displays the status of the game. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Why NVIDIA G-Sync technology can be the highlight of a new monitor? For NVIDIA G-Sync technology is the simple module integrated in the display by adjusting the display refresh rate to tie in with the GPU, which will display the output screen frequency is consistent with the GPU the output frequency to address players during the game game screen problem of Cottonwood or tear. Due to 60Hz ordinary monitor refresh rate limit, leading players in order to pursue high-quality after you turn on vSync, the game screen fluency significantly declining picture Cottonwood or tear. After you turn off the vertical synchronization, the screen would still not be synchronized and tear, caused in a dilemma, a dilemma situation. Vertical sync is through software algorithms achieve the objective force synchronization of the screen. G-Sync is from a display perspective, in order to completely solve the problem of the simultaneous display of frequency, to help users improve the game show experience, 30 frames can also show a picture of the game feeling as smooth as the 60 frames.

Two 27-inch Acer gaming monitor at $ 799

  These monitors will be available at the end of November, XB271HU, priced at US $ 799 (about 5061), XB271HK sells for $ 899 (about 5694).

  In addition to the two outside the monitor last month, Acer monitor–Predator X34,Predator X34 has released a 4K surface is the Acer to launch the world’s first support surface G-Sync technology for LCD, IPS Panel, resolution 3440×1440,21:9, refreshes overclocking from 60Hz to 100Hz,178 ° wide viewing angle, brightness 300cd/m2,100% sRGB color gamut. In addition, the display also comes with 2 x 7W speakers, support for DTS sound. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Otherwise, Predator X34 also supports 1 HDMI, 1 DP and 4 USB 3.0 interface.

  Acer Predator X34 is now listed, which retails at $ was 1299.99, equivalent to 8245 Yuan, is very expensive.

[Article correction]

Collection is the collection of 1542

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