Google to help the blind to develop positioning applications solving the last

Google to help the blind to develop positioning applications: solving the last 10 meters problem

  April 13, Beijing time, Google to the Perkins School for the blind in Boston financed $ 750,000 to develop “Waze applications for the blind.”

  As with many Boston residents, qiaoan·beike (Joanne Becker) use a smart phone to find the nearest bus stop. However, GPS positioning accuracy of less than 10 meters. Different from most people, Baker cannot accurately see the location of the bus stop, because she was blind. cheap Michael Kors

  Her employer of the Perkins School for the blind is developing crowdsourcing application location information. The application starts from the local bus station, developers believe that this will help blind people around the world to solve the “last 10 meters” question. Google to the Perkins School for the blind in this project funded by $ 750,000, brings crowdsourced map development and professionalism.

  Google’s philanthropic arm will take out more than $ 20 million to finance organizations use technology to help people with disabilities. Google on Tuesday announced “Google’s challenges of persons with disabilities” of 30 winners, those winners received an average of $ 750,000 Fund. Google announced the launch of the race last year, was received subsequently from 88 countries around the world, more than 1000 applications.

  Google bulijite·gesailinke President of the race (Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink) says: “this subject is interesting, because on a global scale is of great significance. 1/7 of the world’s population has varying degrees of disability. ” carteras Michael Kors

  Winning attention problems in multiple areas, such as 3D printing prostheses, and software to help people with autism. The Center for Discovery won the $ 1 million open source device indieGo, manual wheelchair electric wheelchairs. Ezer Mizion and Click2Speak in developing onscreen keyboard, helping the movement, those who enter without hands. to provide 400,000 dollars.

  Not all of Google’s innovative high-tech-related. Miraclefeet will use $ 1 million Fund to promote text messaging application, helps clubfoot patients continue to receive treatment.

  Perkins School for the blind is the United States’s first school for the blind-oriented, have been developing innovative technologies. However, “Waze for facing the blind” was the first smart-phone application developed by the school. The principal of the school daifu·pawoer (Dave Power), said: “we believe that using mobile applications to help blind people have a lot of potential. It’s like a whole new tool can solve the problem. “The software development team in Boston Raizlabs has cooperated.

  When Baker spoke on the bus station after the troubles, Perkins School for the blind was inspired. Baker said: “the bus may be more than I am, stops at the stop position. 10 m will make a big difference. ”

  This app is still in early development, the final version is expected to be completed next year. Application will call for ordinary people to share specific information for bus parking, for example near a near a bench. Through such volunteer activities into games, or coffee coupons, reward, Perkins School for the blind in hopes to encourage people to participate.

  Google is not simply to provide funding to these organizations, will also invite their experts to participate in the assessment of the final product. Gesailinke said: “Google has a team in the field of crowdsourcing clues is experienced, this is the Waze. ”

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