IKEA store products which are artifacts

  IKEA style simple and clean, also good at science and technology combine, followed the footsteps of technology, is a good use of technology-friendly brand. GUCCI cases

  More recently, IKEA opened a special shop in Copenhagen, named Space10, this shop and we often have different IKEA stores, is IKEA Carla Cammilla Hjort and creative agencies to set up a new Research Center and exhibition space, the Studio covers an area of 1000 square meters.

  Space 10 owned by IKEA’s Innovation Lab, aimed at improving the urban living environment and people’s health, and made a number of environmentally-friendly low consumption technology products. These concepts will be Space10 store exhibition. GUCCI cases

  Space 10 will show different theme, and different field of exhibits, like space 10 of first a theme for “Fresh Living Lab”, exhibits is by from Copenhagen of 12 bit designer and should be home cooperation, design out several will technology and home combined of products, has reminded user to termination water of taps, has can reminded user don’t sat too long of Chair and so on, is committed to let user of life more health.

  Smart showers, to monitor water flow, as when the red LED light up, is to remind the user to save water.

  This is a stool looks ordinary, but when it passed the application and smart phones connected, if the user sitting stools for far too long, the Chair will remind users and tilt, forcing users to get up and walk away.

  This is a smart wall, according to the increase of domestic water and electricity have a fade effect, is to remind the user of water and electricity.

GUCCI cases

  Thermal energy collector, but also very practical, it can collect or dishes after heating the heat generated by electronic products and conversion, and then to charge a Smartphone. Its principles are not complicated, is the thermal converter on my desk, the researchers said that the technology can also be applied in other furniture collecting excess heat, such as TV sets or under the stove.

  The window unit, Beijing people. It can be based on the quality of outdoor air control room window open or closed.

  And the IKEA restaurants, this is one that will allow consumer to customize food restaurant.

  You remember, also introduced support for Wireless charging of IKEA tables, users on it you can automatically charge your cell phone, supporting Qi Wireless-charging standard can be used.

  Besides these, IKEA will launch in the future more combination products and technology, together with science and technology, and make life better.

  Space10 Carla Cammilla Hjort, head said in an interview with foreign media, Space10 hope IKEA provide inspiration to help them come up with new ideas, new perspectives, and discover new artists and designers, and so on.

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Collection is the collection of 1542

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