More expensive smart watches how to open the wallets of consumers

More expensive smart watches how to open the wallets of consumers?

  You may have felt, wearable smart devices are growing, watch plays a very important role in this process, since Apple Apple Watch landing market, mainstream smart watches from the sale price of the product is maintained at around $ 350.

  Market price

  Don’t get me wrong, I say $ 350 per cent of smart watches are high-end products, such as the $ 5000 Gold Edition Apple Watch Edition, the goods made of gold, can not you do? right now, watch manufacturers hope that by improving product design and quality to give reasonable explanations for their high prices. Moschino for Note 4

  Moto 360 pricing officially entered the market last year for $ 250, which makes it a smart watches of the most attractive in the market at that time. Last week we discovered that most high-end watches products price range is between 300 and 500 dollars. Good news is, these products are of good quality, and very beautiful. Therefore, the price is not so hard to accept.

  Maybe these smart watches product has underestimated their ability, they should be as high-end as Apple. At present, consumers will often “cheap” and “bad” and “low-end” draw an equal sign between and, therefore, smart watches prices higher is not unacceptable.

More expensive smart watches how to open the wallets of consumers?

  Non-necessities Moschino Note 4 Case

  There is also a problem, watch manufacturers will watch for a higher price? turns out, smart watches are still a very small range of products, it’s hard to get consumers ‘ willingness to open his wallet to buy a luxury. At present, the Smart Watch has not become a mainstream smart watches, in the eyes of the public, Apple Watch may be recognized, but manufacturers want to further open the wallets of consumers is not an easy task.

  Smart watches are not perfect

Moschino for Note 4

  Smart Watch prices rise up, we also need to take into account two factors. First of all, smart watches are not perfect, and even many of the most basic problems haven’t been able to solve. Most noteworthy is that smart watch battery life problems. Charging every day, this is not optimistic about an important reason to watch from outside. In addition, Android Wear is a mature platform, but in areas such as availability, performance, and card operations, it also needs to make improvements, specifically what to do, only Google knows it.

More expensive smart watches how to open the wallets of consumers?

  Competition issues

  Finally, the watch manufacturers also need to consider the question of competition, especially Pebble Time products, they will watch successfully brought into the public eye and did not have ludicrously high prices, judging from the price/performance and Pebble Time is a good choice.

  However, I still worry that it watches the trend of price increase can make such products into a dead end, smart watches are not the more expensive the better. It does make your life better, $ 200 is a good price, $ 350? I don’t think the price was good. At present, the smart watch is at a very dangerous point in time, we see that in improving the quality of such products, but the price is a big issue, I don’t want people to miss the point.

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