Spring of 2016 Apple product launches

      Vivo’s flagship phones since the release of Xplay5, with its unique curved screen and all-metal fuselage, homogenization of serious today, brings to the mobile phone enthusiasts a different viewing experience. But small series to introduce today is another award-recognition features-audio Xpaly5.

       Vivo mobile phone audio has always been been recognized by customers, whether in terms of audio hardware, and internal tuning, in mobile phones are better, and today Xplay5 vivo and Cirrus Logic to customize the DAC CS4398, and with professional amplifier chip AD45257. With high current output capability (250ma), high slew rate (53V/microseconds). Since Xplay5 has a good quality of audio hardware, that sense of actually listening to what? Operation experience of the player are good enough? Online music player is enough enough, sound quality? And iPhone6s and other mainstream audio on mobile phones and beyond? Please come see me one by one.

One: introduction to appearance

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

As the surface Xplay5 the main screen there is not too much elaborated, are interested can look at our earlier in vivo Xplay5 the higher Yen value choice for life experience

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

Back to all-metal fuselage, the upper and lower ends made of nano-plastic injection molding process, intermediate for vivo logo,logo for fingerprint recognition module at the top of fuselage-left corner 1600w megapixel main camera and dual-color Flash. Hello Kitty iPad Air 2 Case

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the fuselage, this focuses on the place.

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review
Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review
Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

Attached xe600 headphones and mix of old, not much explanation here, directly on the map.


II: Player interface introduction Hello Kitty iPad Cases

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

As a flagship music phone, Xplay5 did not like most of the other brands in the music app blocks are used for online music, but as professional players do the list, songs, singers of local music classification and discovery of online music in the last section in the. This also reflects the Vivo’s knowledge of music enthusiasts.

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

Music player interface, simple and beautiful are not cumbersome, simply a Hi-Fi button, listen to the song so pure.

Hello Kitty iPad Air 2 Case

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

Online resources and why music is cooperation, resources and are guaranteed a certain sound quality, classification clear, concise interface, listen to new songs at any time when they are convenient.

Lustrous vocals, VIVO Xplay5 music review

This comparison we used the iPhone6s,iPhone in music missing on the restored some self “features” but in number of cell phone tri-band, listen to have a good performance on, though dull, but listen.

Headphones we used is Sen Hai ie80. test Xplay5 opened in Hi-Fi mode.

Auditions links:

Audition song 1:scaPEGoat/zeyehong

As recent popular songs ACG, Xplay5 opened in Hi-Fi mode a wider overall sound than the normal mode, thrust is also significantly increased low frequency extension and does not bang heads, know ie80 is a pick the front of the plug, believe it is easy to control live bass, it also gave me a little surprise. And taste great as you found Xplay5 on bass, and low, with a raucous singer came off well restored. IPhone6s is weak in the bass, and the singer’s voice quality do not have particularly good restore, can only be described as a whole quite satisfactory, but less Xplay5 ACG was the passion.

Listen to song 2: why not see/Eason Chan

As a lyric than see Eason Chan a special song, it depends entirely on is the interpretation of his voice. In Xplay5, Eason Chan and that deep voice restored very well, and the reduction is clear enough, isolation, good. Listen quietly, and song lyrics feedback felt the heart. Comparison iPhone also showed remarkable overall addition to acoustic Xplay5 more than iphone6s wide, 2 can be considered equal.

Audition song 3:UNICORN/zeyehong

As the better-known small establishment in the near future, especially as much as powder, there must be some familiar songs with the participation of a variety of music and drum light-intensive and have been changed, is testing the player’s analytic and control of tri-band, whole Xplay5, the sense of space is enough, feel little preparation by the magnificent. Good for low frequency control, light on drums and percussion are played very well, is slightly less than high-frequency performance is slightly weaker, extends an open feeling, to a variety of instrument restore will not clutter, mobile Hi-Fi now can be done for good. By comparison, iPhone does not listen to the preparation or classical, orchestral-style music, and overall performance of tri-band is not too great, especially on drums, although rank drums scattered, but lacks a powerful impact. Does meet its performance characteristics such as water.

Summary: after Xplay5 on Hi-Fi mode a wider sound field as a whole, more thrust and isolation, good, tri-band, especially low frequencies have a corresponding increase. Audition I think Xplay5 is a very suitable for boys, rock, pop and a certain type of small mobile phones prepared or classical music. If you are lovers of the above type, I believe Xplay5 will give you a great experience, but may be tuning orientation problems, listening to some girl or high bias audio Xplay5 songs, compared to professional players were less transparent, this individual suggested better to listen and then make a decision. Evaluation mentioned above are of course we talk about mobile HI-FI, phone because, after all, size, power consumption, and more general problem and not as a professional player was expelled. If you are a music lover, sure Xplay5 will suit you, good DAC+ operational amplifier chip, 128g super memory, can give you a free and easy listening environment at any time.

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Vivo Xplay5

Vivo launched two years ago developed new flagship “Xplay5”, including the Xplay5 flagship, Xplay5 two versions, the biggest selling point is without doubt: first 6GB memory, made the world’s first hyperboloid side screen. Xplay5 is an integrated metal special aluminum-magnesium alloy body, metal up to 98% per cent, champagne gold, rose gold, two color schemes.

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