Changzhou Airwheel exploration camps nude captains of balance

Jiangsu Changzhou, located Northwest of Shanghai in recent years because of “motor town” and “unicycle production base” fame, attracting countless wants to buy balance balance followers or don’t want to come to this, but no one knows the truth, so we have prepared the following set of lenses to meet everyone’s curiosity.

At a park in Changzhou new district, thousands of Airwheel power balance in monthly production, Assembly, delivery, then transported along the highway to various provinces and cities in the country or along the Shanghai port destined for Sweden and the United Kingdom, Dubai, United States … …

As with mature brands, Airwheel is only responsible for control of the core technology, fixed outsource partner in the production of spare parts, workshop of the Department is only responsible for key Assembly OEM and quality.

In the following photo as an example.

It was just packed camera car tire inside and outside motor

After getting upright good wheels, chassis mounted on wheels, with clip (four yellow silicone splints), camera car motors and chassis screws fastened good.

Once fixed, be prepared to chassis Ryan main controller and motor controller chip (one for each wheel), when we see the smooth chassis is magnesium, according to its founder, introduction, magnesium is lighter than aluminum alloy hardness and quality, so chosen to do chassis is ideal.

This is well within the component’s appearance, as shown, magnesium alloy interval between chip design is to the inside of the chips, circuits not subject to step up human body weight and shape.

Guess what is this? The LCD screens on the handle. Welding is not high degree of difficulty for this stuff, people in General, for two or three days and you can get started.

In turn is the LCD screen of the front (often mixed cheese production line should be no stranger to ~)

This is a turn of the charging interface, above the obvious Airwheel of identity.

See also Airwheel identity, is said to be effective in preventing piracy.

When the group, quality control staff will be there to test its functionality.

According to reports, the photo quality of the finished product will include impact testing, battery testing, low voltage, micro-drop test, testing, water testing, speeding electromagnetic testing, static testing, cross the barrier test, brake test.

Here is a look at the wheelbarrow Assembly production

See unicycle abrasive cutting machines for the first time (some type of unicycle case needs to cut off the part of shell)

Batteries – batteries before they go out, here is a Super charging station black parts.

Unicycle shell of the exhaust emission ~

And then installed Shell unicycle ~

Then is finished “painting” shell

This is the charger, small hands, light, 300 grams.

OK, unicycle assembled, boxed Hello Kitty Note 3 Case

This is a pack with air compressor

Compression after the body of a plastic film is this effect. Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

Box installed, in order to prevent less parts, again testing ~

Below is the line on the second floor of two lenses, production by the production as a whole composed of one, two, three, more than 5,000 square meters.

And take care in packing, was shipped to the warehouse floor below “to marry”, and is more than 5,000 square meters.

This is destined for Dubai, ready to gold-plated pace ~

It was sent to Europe Sweden (estimated snow slip? )

This is sent home, according to reports, compared to other countries, the same model, the foreigner prefer customized version with high

Then each issue corresponds to the balance car has a unique identification code.

Hello Kitty Note 3 Case

Founders said here will be ready a week 5000-7000 of the finished product, waiting for the truck to pull it to the highway or container terminal.


At this point, mysterious balance car has unveiled the final assembly process, see no reason parts of assembly-line production, workshop cannot be heard rumbling noise of the machines, but unique portrayal of the Assembly workshop – peaceful, lawful, test, a flexible response to the rhythm of hundreds of agents in the world order.

But close your eyes, you know that hundreds of preliminary processing before final assembly procedures, from a small screw to a tire rims, are transported from the processing plants out of Crystal.


Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

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