Pioneer Dolby Quan Jingsheng watch listen tell against the natural

  No matter what is playing first-person shooter game, the relative ability to always listen and tell you, ahead of the coming battle. To maximize the skills of the strike may not be, but Blizzard depicting pioneer.

Pioneer Dolby Quan Jingsheng watch listen tell against the natural

  Blizzard recently announced, depicting pioneer will be the first Dolby Quan Jingsheng technology applied in headphones, electronic games. It comes, would make sound the players an important part of the battle.

  Blizzard explains that they want players to get as much information as possible, including sound, thus depicting a pioneer in all 21 heroes all have unique footsteps. With the latest sound technology, players can easily identify near each role.

  Quan Jingsheng technology’s greatest strength is also on sound source localization in the delicate, snow said: “when you open the Quan Jingsheng while playing a game, you can pinpoint passing from the face of the farad (Pharah, game characters), and even a sniper on the windowsill. ”

Lunatik iWatch frame

  If Dolby Quan Jingsheng itself, first application it is Star Wars: Battlefront, but depicting pioneer, be extended to the field of headphones. Believe in the future, support surge in game ear Quan Jingsheng technology opportunities.

[Article correction] Lunatik iWatch frame

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