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Negative constant Surface Book revealed low TLC SSD

Microsoft yesterday black OneDrive capacity degradation, Surface Book of cheating material was exposed today … …

Surface Book is Microsoft’s new flagship notebook this year. The flat keyboard was used to separate design and beggars version of the price is as high as $ 1499 (about 9500), available in GT940M a video card is starting from $ 1899 (about 12000 RMB). Although graphics performance better than rival 13-inch MacBook Pro, but the price is very noble.

While domestic price yet announced but foreign users get after mass production machine, Surface Book bad press, many users reflect the new machine has a lot of bug and cups in the back … …

Victorias Secret Case

Negative constant Surface Book revealed low TLC SSD

Recent website iFixit, dismantling the machine and discovered abroad, Surface Book provided by the Samsung PM951 SSD. 19nm production of the latter is based on, although support for PCIe 3.0 specifications X4, but uses cost and low life of TLC Flash particle. In such an expensive machine with SSD, it makes people feel a little hole.

Negative constant Surface Book revealed low TLC SSD
Negative constant Surface Book revealed low TLC SSD

Measured data of foreign friends, left 128G, right 256G 

And the sadness is, PM951 performance of the SSD is also embarrassing, especially 128G and 256G, sequential write speed cannot solve 280MB/s this level of performance is 4 years ago …

Is Samsung’s performance below:

128GB: sequential read and write 600MB/s and 150MB/s, respectively; random reads and writes to the 140K IOPS and 37K IOPS respectively;

256GB: sequential read and write 1000MB/s and 280MB/s, respectively, random reads and writes to the 250K IOPS and 74K IOPS respectively;

512GB: write sequential read and write respectively, 1050MB/s, 560MB/s, random reads and writes are the 250K IOPS and 144K IOPS

Surface Book

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Surface Book

Distance Surface Pro 3 is released almost 1.5 years of time has passed, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 officially released finally in the evening of October 6, Beijing time, but also brought a surprise for–Surface Book. This contains video hot-plug black technology the ultimate notebook, shape has a MacBook and the dual characteristics of YOGA, but detachable screen

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