Surface Pro 3 new killer Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner

  Obviously, best 2-in-1 device on the market at present is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet PC, Microsoft even called it a can completely replace a laptop device. However, Microsoft released the device purpose clearly, hope to give many PC manufacturers provide a nice reference design to help make better product design and functionality. Now, with the Surface becoming more and more popular, have some manufacturers in response to Microsoft’s design. Moschino iPad Air Case

Surface Pro 3 new killer: Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner!

  Wei Feng network on October 5, Dell XPS 4K equipment 12 of the initial leak last month, have recently disclosed further details, especially the official renderings of the design leaked, the whole appearance of the almost completely exposed, and you can see that it is a kind of Surface Pro 3 reference design.

  To be honest, despite Microsoft’s next-generation Surface Pro Tablet coming soon, and is likely to pick up performance and efficiency more Intel Broadwell architecture and low-power processor, but now more similar choices on the market, numerous product known as the killer. Apple, of course, end of November to ship the iPad Pro and Google just unveiled with Tegra chip X1 Pixel c is quite competitive potential opponent.

Surface Pro 3 new killer: Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner!

  As shown in the spy photos, Dell this Surface killer devices have the same function, such as a detachable keyboard, there are made of magnesium alloy case design, and Tablet PC more lighter and thinner thickness of only 8mm, compared with Surface Pro 3 to 9.1mm. Also XPS 12 horizontal screen border followed the new XPS series of “unbounded infinity display (Infinity Display)”, the screen border through the ultra-narrow, achieve edge to edge “borderless” design, the equivalent of 11-inch shells into the 12.5-inch screen. However, XPS 12 is equipped with a large keyboard, backlit, integrated touch pad.

  Powerful tablet computers more and more!

  Why is the new Dell XPS 12 strong competitiveness? First the 1th 4K screen, actual 3840×2160 pixels, higher than traditional screen pixel density (352ppi), unless the Surface Pro 4 4K on screen, or behind or parameters. Moreover, XPS a Thunderbolt on the fuselage 3 and USB Type-C interface, external connections ensure super high-speed scalability, but this Surface Pro 4 makes it easy to achieve, and expected many more Windows Tablet PC cater both interface.

  New Dell XPS 12 connectivity is not limited to this, according to the leaked parameter, the device also has a card reader slot, supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, there are SIM card slot, users who are in need of outdoor use high-speed LTE network connection. Allegedly, XPS 12 screen size is 12.5 inches, used sharp IGZO technology panel brightness of about 400 lumens, in line with the 100% of the Adobe RGB color gamut, contrast is 1200:1, and supports pressure-sensitive stylus, available Dell electromagnetic pen stylus Active Stylus.

Surface Pro 3 new killer: Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner!

  As other specifications parameter aspects, can determine of is, will used Intel sixth generation Skylake micro-schema of processor, has may is Skylake y Department, is Core m processor, to achieved no fan Super mute design, the series processor will integrated of Intel HD 500 series nuclear explicit, has enough of performance while output three 4K UHD display, and frame rate can reached each seconds 60 frame, so led a 4K screen not what problem. Moschino iPad air cases

  So, perhaps more robust Surface Pro series, after all, is a higher level of Skylake u mobile processors. In addition, the new XPS 12 M.2 SATA solid state drive, run the memory provided either 4GB or 8GB, comes with a 30-watt hour battery, frankly battery seemed a bit small, can reach 10-hour battery life is unknown.

  New Dell XPS 12 is expected to ship later this month, price unknown.

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Surface Pro 3 new killer: Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner!
Surface Pro 3 new killer: Dell XPS 12 4K screen is thinner!

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