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Low price: Sennheiser CX215.95

Sennheiser CX 215 is the 2011 launch of a in-ear headphones. Compared with the Sennheiser mainstream style of black and white, this headphone more bright color scheme, with red, copper, blue, Orange and green 5 different colors. The headphones use a plastic casing, and the ear is sticking fingers in shape body design, mainly for ease of adjustment and comfort, while you prepare the small/medium large/three sizes of earbuds for selection. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6 cases

Marcelo Burlon iPhone case

Sennheiser CX215 copper-a record low price of $ 14.95, about 91 Yuan, suited up back. Taobao in 299 Yuan, clear price advantage.

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Low price: Sennheiser CX215.95
Low price: Sennheiser CX215.95
Samsung Galaxy S6

1719 votes Marcelo Burlon iPhone case

Samsung Galaxy S6

On the whole, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 material just as Apple launched iPhone 4 o’clock it was amazing. Volume-high location and handset design and overall did not match, is the place where I feel will improve on the design.
Functions, fingerprints and photographs are very powerful, I heard more than one peer praise these two features “as well as iPhone” or even “better than iPhone”. Systems experience, Samsung and all other international companies choose to be consistent–move closer to the native Android system, compared to before the Samsung fully customized systems, more modern, more fresh, naturally, was easier to use.

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