Latest Win 10 is missing one thing Android iOS Simulator

  Microsoft finally admitted at the recently BUILD Convention platform applications in terms of both quantity and quality are in the doldrums, in order to appease customers, and to enhance its products, Microsoft will soon allow iOS and Android applications run on Windows 10 mobile. This feature is referred to as the Astoria project, in August, we see the practical application of it, some users claim to be able to move Windows 10 Beta hidden among subsystems, and runs Android on a Windows Mobile application.

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Latest Win 10 is missing one thing: Android/iOS Simulator

  Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549, however, were found to be missing this subsystem. XDA Forum users found that Microsoft already in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549 removed this function.

  This feature has been grouped into Windows slows down the speed of the 10 Mobile system. However, Microsoft may get this feature back in the future, because of Microsoft publicly admitted that the future will let Windows run 10 Mobile Android and iOS application. Moschino iPhone case

  Kill this feature can significantly hurt Microsoft’s efforts in the phone business, and leading to the customers of the rebound. XDA user found in the latest Build of 10563 also contains related files, so this feature is more likely to return in future versions. Moschino iPhone 6 cases

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