Greenhouse effect urgent researchers found that CO2 is a hazard

  Wei Feng network, January 26, believes the most recent playmates are most concerned about is the problem of the cold weather. After all, this extremely cold weather has not seen for decades. Circulating on the Internet that Guangzhou friends watching photos of the miniature snowmen are creative and full of fun. But this is, after all, explains, snowing so warm places like Guangzhou, this year’s weather is cold! LV case

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Greenhouse effect urgent researchers found that CO2 is a hazard

  However, a few days ago already had World Meteorological Organization expert come out and prove extremely cold weather is due to the greenhouse effect, so maybe this summer will be hot! And we all know that the root cause of global warming is caused by carbon dioxide. And now, Australia researchers in one study found another hazard of high carbon dioxide content, it also underscored the importance of reducing carbon emissions!

  It is reported that recently, Australia researchers at the University of new South Wales in the near future the United Kingdom the journal nature published a new research report, in this report, who for more than 30 years global oceanographic research project collecting water containing carbon dioxide information. Study results showed that carbon dioxide concentrations above 650ppm when waters (1ppm is one out of 10,000), it can result in some fish in the area appear hypercapnia. This will affect the fish’s brain, making it lose their sense of direction, or even blindness!

  This is very serious, and the team said: it can be explained to some extent even some from around the World Dolphin and whale strandings for no reason-maybe they are just stranded as a result of lost. This impact on the ecological balance of the oceans is enormous. And once the ecological balance of the sea were severely damaged, the consequences will be very serious. Louis Vuitton iPhone 6 plus Cases

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