Samsung recovery should begin at sike Apple

     Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge does make people’s eyes light up, it is learned that the market response is good, this is considered the start of Samsung recovery. Of particular concern is that in United States online survey platform Survey Monkey to 5000 people in the fourth quarter of last year to object to the global electronic customer loyalty surveys, software suppliers, Samsung beat Apple in the Smartphone “customer loyalty” made first. Scored 35, and 28 minutes. However, both companies scored above the industry average (19).

     But concern is, while Samsung beat Apple on the customer loyalty, customer service satisfaction of its performance was inferior to Apple. Apple harvest 41% ‘s positive assessment, and Samsung just 25% ‘s positive assessment. Using Samsung mobile phones with around user feedback, as well as Samsung gives the impression, which is reasonable. Before Samsung, after all, pursuing a “sea tactics”, mobile phone category complex, market covering a wide range of user groups. But Samsung’s greater emphasis on two extreme, on the one hand continue to struggle at the top end of the market and Apple iPhone, on the other hand is in the low-end market and China Mobile Corps competition, but for the latter, Samsung’s performance is clearly unsatisfactory, but at the high end of the market, with the launch of Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 Edge, how to Samsung to save some face. Hello Kitty Note 3 Case

Moreover, Samsung Electronics also successfully replaced high-throughput, became the main competitor of Apple iPhone smartphone industry processor manufacturer. Through the Smartphone product line of slimming, for Samsung mobile phone market recovery also go a long way. Samsung Electronics recently released the latest results showed that while the company’s operating profit in the first quarter of this year will decline, but the decline has started to slow down.

Analysts at market research firm IDC, Galaxy S6 current demand by consumers, will hope into the high-end smartphone market, Chinese firms are becoming more difficult. IDC also pointed out in the previous report, both high-end and low-end competition in the Smartphone market, has been eroded Samsung’s position as the world’s most popular smartphone brand. Samsung Electronics is currently greatest difficulties in China, low-end smartphone market in China because the company is in a battle with Huawei, millet and other companies. Although the Chinese smartphone market growth has been slowing down, but market analysts expect India, Southeast Asia and other populous developing country markets will begin to flourish. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has been out of the country, into more emerging markets start to erode Samsung’s market share in overseas, especially in the low-end product lines and Samsung launched a more comprehensive competition.

Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

For Samsung, perhaps, high end, sike Apple is King. After all, we see that iPhone world share is on the decline. Research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s latest data show that in the first three months up to February this year, share iPhone sales in the United States and the United Kingdom, and Japan and Germany and other major markets have declined, but sales of share in China has increased to 27.6%. Among them, the United States market share: from 47.7% to 38.8%; Japan market share: from 60.2% to 49.8%; Germany market share: from 20.9% to 17.4%; United Kingdom market share: from 42% to 38.6%; France market share: from 23% to 21.6%. Market performance in China is very bright, and China’s market share: from 17.9% to 27.6%. This is why he is very sensitive about the Chinese market one of the best comments, right?

Especially China Mobile for Apple’s contribution is evident, for all iPhone users, number of mobile users in China accounted for 59%. At times which is why Apple and China Mobile talks finally get moved into has a lot to do, of course, does not rule out Chinese horse 4G, China Mobile is the largest leading manufacturers have a great relationship. As China released the FDD licence, China Unicom and China Telecom-market rebound will spur continued to sell Apple iPhone in the Chinese market.

For Samsung, if you want to directly in the Chinese market to move back to a clearly more difficult, because Apple, after the millet, Huawei, Lenovo, cool tight encirclement, ZTE and other vendors, Samsung wants to rapid recovery very difficult. But in the global market, with the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 Edge of market performance and the expected, Samsung and Apple completely broke off snapping the wrist. It is reported that Samsung Electronics has provided global operators sold 20 million Galaxy S6. Hello Kitty Samsung Note 3 case

In addition, Samsung semiconductor market at present is also obviously important, more obvious advantages, which beat TSMC and other Apple OEM contract manufacturer of getting A9, also shows that Samsung in technology advantages become even more prominent. As Smartphone makers buy more memory chips, as well as outsourcing the company’s manufacturing business, Samsung Electronics two-way will be able to benefit from. Samsung provide A9 processors for next-generation iPhone, will help enhance the company’s profits in the second half of this year. Due to the high end of the market you can get a better price-earnings ratio, more helpful for boosting company performance, so Samsung should still be the basis of full recovery of the sike Apple iPhone products, so as to get performance boost, for Samsung’s recovery will be a big help, but in the low-end market, Samsung is facing Chinese competition is so fierce. On April 8, mobile Corps students to create a China phone in China, also shows the handset makers to cater to these emerging market information and marketing skills is increasing, which apparently are Samsung in the emerging markets and they compete with some of the key elements.



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