Loss of self confidence Apple TV why die

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A few days ago the Wall Street Journal said the Apple TV has been studied for nearly 10 years, Apple originally planned to launch the 4K ultra high definition TV screen, but due to technical reasons, such as an Apple TV has quietly shelved plans in more than a year ago. But according to sources noted that this fall, Apple introduces new Apple TV set-top boxes. Now, needless to say in the living room entertainment value, which is why Apple HomeKit as intelligent home entrance, but Apple TV plan to die halfway?

Apple can’t control the whole of the Internet TV industry industry chain

Apple wanted to do TV has its reasons. On one hand, “Apple TV” was also a goal of jobs, jobs had hoped to launch the easy user interface-screen TV, and DVD player, cable TV, and user equipment and integrate cloud storage accounts, integration with the TV industry, and become part of the Apple ecosystem. In addition, such as allowing users to download TV shows and movies in iTunes, users of mobile devices and TVs and docking, sharing content on the TV screen. But this is only a vision.

As we all know, smartphones, Apple’s iOS as the core integration of software and hardware ecosystem, but based on the content of the TV business ecology, ecological couldn’t help Apple in Apple’s software in the TV business, making progress. Because television does not depend on the content sources based on iOS software developers, but from the music industry, television and film industries and traditional industries. This is the ecological chain in different areas of Apple’s advantage, only seek cooperation.

In the television industry, is undoubtedly one of core competence, in terms of content collaboration, Apple TV can only be a content partner talk, but Apple’s style has always been to eat whole industry chain profit from head to tail, and to become a party to control, rather than obey.

Because of this, Apple in cooperation with Hollywood and the music industry, copyright industry has a number of stringent requirements on content and eventually led to talks. In addition, Apple entered the network TV industry, but also needs and existing cable such as Comcast and Verizon TV, satellite service providers, broadband providers conflict with conflicting interests, indeed, also have Netflix competition monthly Netflix fee users can easily browse through the movie or TV show. Netflix is being constantly developed and expanded agency Studio and Publisher reserve the source content has developed significant competitive barrier.

In addition, Apple’s TV industry promotion need more system operators and broadband providers support network, as well as multi-channel video programming distributors to sell their Apple TV product. It can be seen that Apple TV to do, only in the United States on the entire industrial chain in the country, to open up the situation, difficult, let alone promotion abroad. In the field of television, TV media companies control the industry chain, and Apple doesn’t have the voice.

In addition, the essence of the Apple platform is closed, but network television has a large opening. Although launched in smart home HomeKit docked Apple TV, this is not another closed system Apple TV at the close compared with iOS has a moderate release, such as its content can be sent to a non-Apple branded. It had to do, because they lack their own TV hardware floor support, at the same time, Apple’s business model and the TV production and sales of the business model varies. After all, and the phone is different, the entire television industry chain in the Apple ecosystem outside the sphere of inherent.

Internet TV right of Sony’s business model, is the essence of technology pressed Apple confidence 

In addition, via live Internet broadcast channels of Internet TV and video services, Sony would have done, but Sony’s TV business but continued losses. But be aware, Sony Internet TV with roots in many years, no doubt deeper roots, such as in the United States market Internet TV services, Sony and CBS, NBC, Fox television and other United States well-known international radio and television networks have to cooperate, as well as including USA, FX, and more than more than 10 top cable TV networks such as Discovery deep cooperation, can provide 75 channels. In cooperation with the TV networks, Apple has plans to launch in June this year, covers 25 channels of Internet TV service, including ABC, CBS and FOX television stations, through the “package” means to watch. Even though Apple only hopes to add 25 TV channels, connected by streaming and iTunes, but resistance remains deeply troubled. Hello Kitty phone cases

Like and television cooperation plan Apple Internet TV service cooperation in the, Apple and hope to minimum cost to control other, like Apple plans in United States launched monthly charges of Internet TV service, Apple of set-top box (Apple TV) let this a service “landing”, but on the, Apple is requirements television authorized content copyright, even also to television itself to do channel of flow media data and service, or by television outsourcing to other of content distribution company to do, but to know, Available through the Internet TV streaming services to pay a high cost, including the acquisition of network equipment and related infrastructure investments, the other natural does not comply.

Even at the national level, integration of television resources more difficult than imagined, because the essence of Internet TV is to be a transfer, to transfer TV shows from broadcast television network to broadband Internet operation, is breaking the original benefit structure, bound to encounter heavy resistance of the original chain. We know that, in the mobile phone market, Apple at the high end of the narrow niche market, relying on closed systems can eat from head to tail the whole industrial chain, but the blackout policy is not conducive to advantage in the battle for Apple in the next scene, is not conducive to the Apple TV’s business expansion. Apple has always been strong and control styles, to the field of TV content, no longer applies.

In the field of smartphones, Apple closed systems rely on leading-edge software and hardware and iOS as the core, can do orders the world. But in terms of TV technology, Apple has no such advantage. From the DRC to 3D to 4 k, Sony showed spontaneous Crystal LED light technology television this year, Samsung and LG have developed OLED TV. TV technology from vacuum tubes to transistors, IC (integrated circuit) to VLST (LSI), has developed a very sophisticated, but Apple does not accumulate enough in TV technology. In near 10 years to, Apple also in Internet TV field looking for technology breakthrough to raised one change world of innovation, including equipped with Super HD 4K screen, and joined sensor camera, but effectiveness is micro-, Apple executives also pointed out that: “currently Apple of technology especially 4K technology also in primary stage, does not has enough of capacity and Samsung, and Sony, and sharp, and Panasonic, veteran TV manufacturers a summary high. “It can be seen that subversive television industry hard, with” change the world “vision of apples, also began showing lack of confidence of gesture.

In addition, we can see that even Apple Apple TV already, still selling though Google Chromecast, Nexus player and Amazon Fire set-top boxes. In core hardware technology on television, like a TV Panel, they are sharp, Samsung and other companies a monopoly. TV tuner, picture quality, TV interactive interface technology is Samsung, Sony controls the advantage. No core technology advantages, naturally, have no say. No edge chips in his hand, Apple TV content cooperation strong outcome of the negotiations is, the partners also do not buy it. iphone 5 Hello Kitty case

An important part of television is a closed ecological, but Apple is not much innovation breakthrough

The other hand, Internet TV is not successful then, we see that have advanced DRC launched exquisite color TV, technology, television industry with roots in decades of Sony Internet TV will not open. Even Sony back in May 2010 in the United States market pioneered by Google’s Android operating system as the center of Internet TV, Google TV platform, despite Sony’s United States cooperation with television content are not obstacles, but based on the open Google TV Sony TV sales still dismal. The reason is that Internet TV the TV operation becomes complex, such as Internet TV powered by Google TV platform, covering Android system, the hardware is built on Intel’s Atom processor, Sony Internet TV remote control, its complexity than a computer keyboard much more.

But Apple has always been adhering to the principle of simplicity. Processes too complex is taboo idea of Apple products, Apple now, there’s no better way to simplify the process. For example, we know, Apple added a Siri to Apple TV service to aid the search and navigation, but its simple operation even with Sony’s Playstation Vue experience than there are differences. Channel PlayStation Vue has a simple interface, allowing users without cable or satellite service case, watch live television and on-demand content. In addition, neither Sling TV Tivo, video resources, in order to find a key to switch channels from the service, looking for online resources, has a pretty good excellent experiences, such as Tivo’s DVR technology and OnePass Service, in terms of technical experience with video search has been very easy to use. Although television is an important part of Apple’s closed ecosystem, but subsequent innovation breakthrough is running.

Not inclusive of capital markets failed to give up television in reason

When a company standing in the air rise when leading through innovative technologies and business models, can be swept through the market, to grow at a geometric rate, but to the heyday, is inevitably limited by the industry as a whole, Apple is the case. Apple launched the iPhone, which has nearly saturated in the developed markets, in terms of hardware and software innovations and suffered a neck. But capital markets still have high hopes for the company, like many Wall Street analysts and the market value of Apple’s breakthrough trillion this year look forward mark. According to Stefan Zweig’s law, at this time, Apple will always be needed for the market saturated with anticipatory and forward-looking, and constantly open up new business growth or sales point to satisfy the appetite of the capital market and the expected.

But meanwhile, Apple if in TV technology prepared not mature, and industry chain control force are rendering gap of when, blind expanded products line launched Apple TV to meet capital markets of expected, hurt of is is whole brand of height, we see Sony, and Samsung of decline, a important factors are is died Yu they of products line pulled of too wide, led to user on its brand of core products memory points fuzzy, pulled low has its brand height, and Apple cut any field, often will took out innovation sex of technology, TV product of the disruptive effects of inadequate case, Apple don’t want a repeat of the pattern. So meet the capital market expected only relatively safe path launched close to the Apple brand products, such as Apple introduced watches.

The other hand, involves indoor scenes with moving scenes of weak and long product life cycles, Apple has been selling well. Such as the iPad, Mac sales are not booming, and even iPad sales continued to decline in recent years, this area, innovation is ultimately subversive of the iPhone has pushed the Apple brand, as its core product line under the brand equity. Services like mobile TV, in the current core technologies of TV hardware, content delivery, Apple’s lack of control over edge, although Apple TV Internet TV service landing equipment, but this is not a lever the fulcrum of the entire TV business.

For now, Apple expects to start the television business occupation of home entertainment portal, analysis, fashion TV and Apple consumer tonality does not fit, and content distributors led industry, and cable TV provider agreements and integrated into the design and supply of hardware, Apple didn’t say enough. Although the smart home of the future will be to develop, but Apple’s current lackluster breakthrough, or even, for various technical reasons Apple executives worry that can’t compete with Samsung, LG, although the status quo, but hesitate to also reflect the lack of innovation in recent years Apple has gradually lost confidence.

Apple has gone from an innovative company to an act with global clout of big companies will inevitably face the innovator’s dilemma. Innovation from Subversion to maintain innovation, the latter with less risk, lower costs, and hardware for Apple TV is an unpredictable area, also have unpredictable risks, Apple don’t want brands weakened and hurt of the whole world expected of it. Apple capital markets are no longer allowed to fail, great pressures and market capitalization in the game, Apple gave up TV business nature in reason.

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