High tech cars are more likely to be stolen Keyless system is the main reason

  Now, the prices are too expensive, advanced technology vehicles has become the main target group of thieves, especially in Europe, of which, BMW 7-series and Mercedes s-series most likely to be thieves grab. Few of these stolen cars can be found, most were sold to criminal organizations.

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  Forbes said foreign media, although the automaker has in car lock security had made a lot of effort, but still with car theft, the fundamental reason lies in the locking mechanism of the vehicle as well as in information extraction. Today, we have to talk about causes of high-tech cars are more likely to be stolen.

High-tech cars are more likely to be stolen? Keyless system is the main reason

  Many owners believe that only the right to unlock the way to open their car, but this is not right, to provide more convenient and efficient experience for drivers, many car manufacturers use without key locking system, you only need to press a button in a pocket or purse to unlock.

  Although keyless system is very convenient, but it is also a boon for the thieves, they could use technology tools to intercept signals that depend on wireless communication system to achieve the purpose of circumventing the system. iPhone 6 case leather

  At present, almost all Chinese Auto products offer a keyless entry option. Security upgrade makes a wireless encryption data in the authentication device and smooth exchange between the cars, so as to replace the traditional physical keys. Once the data has been identified, the door can be opened. The same method can also be used for contactless credit cards and alarm door locks.

  However, this data exchange is only a wireless signal transfer, thieves can easily intercepted. It is worth mentioning that, all these wireless signals need depend on the low frequency (LF) beacon technologies, car hackers can use technology tools for signal intercept from hundreds of meters away, this distance is much greater than between owners and the cars can operate.

  Prior to this, from Germany Lockmasters security companies have done the experiment, when the wireless signal was blocked after, testers need to validate only once will be able to start the car, and then reset the authentication information.

  Automotive keyless entry system problems, 3dB Technologies, a security company in Zurich presents a solution to prevent intercepted wireless signals, that is fitted to a communication device of signal transmission between encryption chip. This encryption technology inventor Boris Danev said after using the chip, Germany Lockmasters interception method used when the company will lose their effectiveness.

  It is regrettable that, this technology is still not recognized by the automakers, could not be used to a greater extent. In addition, experts say, since the risks of wireless transmission signal has been blocked, we can consider joining in your car can temporarily mask, external signal device, however, this programme is not put into actual use.

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