How intelligent products for a C2B is tempered

“The future of the world, we will no longer be powered by oil, but data-driven; business is not B2C C2B, user changes, rather than corporate sales to users”.

–MA in Germany on the CeBIT, business trends of the future judgment

All data and user needs-oriented “C2B” business model is considered by many industry most likely to upset Taobao pattern of industrial development in the future direction of currently has some new venture firmly in the C2B business models on the road, can be divided into “C2B e-commerce platform” and “C2B”. Because the product has a long history of business-led model, which lead to the C2B process needs to change.

Because the working relationship, our team is also exploring and practicing the C2B development products. I am with our intelligent Air Purifier, for example, to introduce physical product C2B innovation process.

How intelligent products for a C2B is tempered?

Our product is an Air Purifier (pictured above), can also be said to be the world’s first air-cleaning robot, the features of products that meet the C2B:

 1, design based on user needs.

First of all we think about is overall purification needs. PM2.5 is particulate pollution, such as air pollution, organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, VOC, the bacteria in the air, so we used 6 cleaning to complete multiple purification.

Speed cleaning needs, many patients with allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis on the high speed of air purification, be sure to use the fastest speed clean, otherwise every minute physical suffering, so we think design can achieve the fastest cleaning speed: 30-square-meter room cleaning it again just 5 minutes, 100-square-meter room cleaning it again in just 17 minutes. Of course, this data is based on our own team and development process of the scientific method, and finally really implemented in the product, and is currently the fastest cleaning speed on the market.

Empty net once in a while, you need to replace filter cycles. Use air purifier users usually have such ridicule experience: frequent daily air purifier replacement filter is too much trouble, but also not a small overhead, tired and costly operation and inconvenient. Based on this, we want to develop a technology, replace filter cycle can be extended, to cut costs. Demands put forward, through our research and development team in accordance with purification technology, will replace filters to extend the period of 1 year, and close to the cost of a dollar a day, and 365 dollars a year filter package price to ease the financial burden on users.

Of course, reducing operational complexity for the user, this is also a very important requirement, traditional Air Purifier has a wide variety of buttons on the Panel: stalls, patterns, timing, and so on, features and more instead of letting users use when at a loss.     So we used a variety of sensor data fusion and intelligent control algorithm, a fully autonomous intelligent control, realized the scene adaptive and on-demand cleaning, which in the case of users don’t operate independently to complete cleaning and conservation, achieve the kind of human experience.

2, based on the user wishes to raise.

In 2014 we raise success, in the same year won a worlds most popular innovative products on the planet after the awards, after absorbing all the proposed changes to raise user success output goods. Before the no user experience, the prize is not very important. Here it is, we all raised on the platform is the first generation of products, and products is the third generation to raise users receive, both in weight and performance has been greatly improved.

We hope the users attention to users than expected. For the user, this is also an incentive and meeting: good product, is designed for you. Which have a cost problem, which entrepreneurs need consider, weigh the pros. In my opinion, the user is first, costs (research and development) can be solved through other means, such as chips. As an entrepreneur, is first and foremost, what is your product’s original intention.

If the selection in order to cut costs, is the damage to the brand.

3, users need to provide services.

Moschino iPhone 5

What we do is not just a product, but with a brand label of products and services. We humble listening to user feedback and active service, and to drive some 20% users after purchase rate. Finally, our service something in return in the empty area of net users are willing to pay for lang empty brand.

Provide services based on the needs of users seem simple actually needs to do is different from traditional manufacturers ‘ initiative, so we have several customer service principles: Moschino iPhone 5

1, friendly but not intimate communication, avoid consuming the user time.

2, rapid response, as well as treatment. If users get the machine where there is confusion, customer service will be the first time making replacement decisions.

3, in the long run gives advice and timely reminders.

Simply put, we do is a typical C2B model product, users, and changes for users. Above is my experience in product, hoping to reveal to you.

“The author” Rui Liu, Shenzhen long empty billion technology company CEO, concerned about the Internet event. Lang empty team, ultimate technology to create a Super Intelligent Air Purifier, want every living “under the dome” you and I can breathe freely. Moschino Case

iPhone 6 Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus

IPhone 6 Plus is the screen since Apple is the largest mobile phone products.
IPhone 6 Plus HD has a 5.5-inch retina display, a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, is iPhone 5S 185%.
7.1 mm thickness to thin more than iPhone 5S. IPhone 6 Plus a new feature, called “reachability” to complete one-handed operation of large screen phones: double-click the home health, the main interface will fell from the top of the screen, so that users can touch interface to the top without hands. Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is a bit like a smaller version of the iPad mini.

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