Tesla Model x SUV went on sale for 80 000

Tesla Model x SUV went on sale for $ 80,000

  Beijing time on November 24, according to Bloomberg, Tesla SUV on Monday began selling its Model x, invite customers who have subscribed to the models to provide their individual configuration. Excluding federal tax credits or state rebates, Model x sells for $ 80,000.

  First from the tesilafeilimeng line of the factory production line Model x, was the founder of the limited edition series, usually assigned to Tesla’s Board of Directors and close friend, such as Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin). After the founders series, Tesla unveiled the signature series models. Signature Edition Model x is a full-featured models, sold for 132,000 dollars, customers have to pay $ 40,000 down payment.

  With the listing of Model x, Tesla currently sells two models, you can take this further broaden the appeal of its own. Increase the number of models is important for Tesla, the company has gained a lot of attention, in electric vehicle sales have exceeded the major automakers, but has yet to turn a profit.

  Entry-level version starts at $ 80,000 of the Model x, price than the lowest version of Model s $ 5000, the customer needs to pay $ 5000 deposit. It is equipped with 70-kilowatt battery, a charge the mileage for the 220-mile (about 354 km).

  In February 2012, Tesla activities at Los Angeles released a concept version of the Model x, was supposed to go on sale next year, and then until the end of 2014. Tesla’s email shows, Model x comes standard with dual motor, all-wheel drive provides three versions: 70D, 90D and P90D.

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  70D version belongs to started level models, highest speed for 140 miles (about collection 225 km); 90D version equipped with 90-kilowatt Shi battery, once charging of range mileage for 267 miles (about collection 429 km), highest speed for 155 miles (about collection 249 km); P90D for high distribution version, from 0 accelerated to speed 60 miles (about collection 96 km) not to 4 seconds, started level 70D need 6 seconds.

  However, the starting price of $ 80,000 is Model x, many customers are likely to increase choice, such as high fidelity audio system for $ 2500. When users in a subscription Model x, you can select a 5, 6 or 7-seat configurations.

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