Lean legend of Sony PSP PSP announcement ends

Lean legend of Sony PSP PSP announcement ends

  Sony PS Vita is still dead, and its predecessors, PSP has officially declared dead, Sony PSP into the temporary shortage of time. Sony officially confirmed on March 31, 2016, overall PS PSP game Store to buy service is stopped, the player has to start the works will continue to be used. As early as 2014, Sony announced PSP in Japan complete suspension, while sales of the game content is also removed is the official declaration of this handheld officially died.

  It is understood that the PSP was laid for the Sony mobile game country’s biggest player, since 2004 so far listed for the first time in more than 10 years have hit a record of more than 70 million units sold worldwide, game works in volume associated with it are numerous.

  However, the PSP’s brilliant failure upon PS Vita will be renewed. Of course, PS Vita itself still advanced performance and functionality, but can be said to be born, to catch the mass adoption of smartphones, hand the traditional handheld entertainment impact is too great.

  So, many in the industry view, PS Vita will be the last generation PSP Sony.

[Article correction] Marc Jacobs

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