Rescue robot which strong DRC final chapter

Rescue robot which strong DRC-final chapter

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After more than two years, United States Department of Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) organized by the robot challenge (DARPA Robotics Challenge,DRC) Finally will be final in June 2015, global 25 final teams gearing up, ready to go.

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DRC history is very short, but the background is very hard, known as the world’s best. With the robot World Cup (RoboCup), robot contest (RoboGames), is the most popular robot competitions.

Robot he is also backed by the big men, such as Jonathan Hurst, his famous from Oregon State University, representative–can’t kick feet. His DRC final fully affirmed: “the scale of the history, it’s no wonder some people call it Woodstock Carnival robot territories. “(Woodstock Rock Festival is the world’s most famous Rock Festival series. )

DRC’s goal is what? Developed robot helps humanity in the face of natural and man-made disasters, specifically improving robot, into the danger zone or extreme rescue human to help post-disaster reconstruction and search and rescue operations. Without main hall, into the kitchen, but got the hell on, won the fire, saving the humans in distress. “We aim to improve the race like a real disaster. “The DRC says Gill Pratt, head of the project.

The 2013 game, Japan SCHAFT champion. Over the years, Japan is the robot manufacturing country in the world. But until 2011 by the earthquake and tsunami caused Fukushima of Japan increased government interest in robot development. Because at the time of the disaster, robots can replace humans as the disaster first response people of the world.

WINS in the final machine slammed a man can get a $ 2 million, Oh, no, bonus into the pockets of is machine slammed man’s owner. This is the three laws of Robotics indirect! United States science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, published in 1942, articulated in the works of the Runaround: gucci cases

The first law: a robot may not injure a human being, or being hurt and not made;

The second law: a robot must obey human orders, but orders conflict with the first law exceptions;

Third law: a robot must protect its own existence, but shall not conflict with the first or second law.

Now, we are to witness the rescue heroes, style of machine warriors.

Rescue robot which strong DRC-final chapter
Rescue robot which strong DRC-final chapter

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