Five steps to help you easily use the little WiFi quick start guide

18.9 little WiFi address mobile phone WiFi networking products than cheaper 360 WiFi, WiFi so small how can I use it? As long as these five steps you can easily use.

Little WiFi Guide

Small size WiFi USB 2.0 interface, support 20MHz/40MHz bandwidth, in line with the IEEE 802.11n Protocol, compatible with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b standards support support 2.4G, support for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8 operating system, up to 150Mbps transmission rate. Just a small WiFi connected to the networked computers, free WiFi at most five steps to establish their own.

Five steps to help you easily use the little WiFi quick start guide

Little WiFi using the following steps: case Moschino

1. the official website to download and install wifi drivers;

2. packed the small WiFi will be prompted to plug in your own little WiFi, wait approximately 3-5 minutes (it is driven in the match, don’t stop)

3. When finished, will give you a user ID and password, and (this is WiFi information) Moschino iPhone 6 plus cover

4. open WLAN in the phone, wait a moment you can search a small WiFi with WiFi hot spots;

Moschino iPhone 6 plus cover

5. enter a small WiFi provided user ID and password, connect to the WiFi hot spot.

Five steps to help you easily use the little WiFi quick start guide

On small-WiFi

Baidu entered the field of hardware, launched to solve mobile phone WiFi networking products, little WiFi. The biggest characteristic is smaller, the thickness of only 10MM, you just need to put the WiFi through the USB connection with your computer, you can have a private wireless network space. Jingdong Mall open reservations buying activity, for sale at 18.9 Yuan. September 24 to accept an appointment, October 10-12th limited, only advance users have the opportunity to participate in buying. Interested friends can now make an appointment. Cheap powerful, small WiFi not fire is difficult.

Little WiFi measurements of size 28mmx17.5mmx10mm thick, weighs only 4g. USB2.0 interface connection is more suitable for desktop and laptop, network support bandwidth of 20MHz/40MHz. Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows7 32/64 and Windows 8 32/64. Broader operating system support, convenient for you at any time and all kinds of computers.

Source: 91 mobile phone accessories


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