Fission like low frequency shock Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Now if you still indulge in UE tf10 sound Valley, now are you still coveted Haute Couture of the UE earphones and pull tight pockets. With Logitech after the acquisition of UE, headset product line rich and decentralization makes more friends can have the opportunity to experience of the UE music feast. Logitech in Germany Berlin, IFA2012 exhibition, including the launch of in-ear earphones UE900, headphones UE4000 UE9000 UE6000, portable headset and Bluetooth wireless headphones, it set off a storm of music again in the headset. Logitech UE with excellent workmanship, beautiful appearance and years dedicated to the field of professional headset tuning technology, attracted a lot of fans in hot pursuit. And today we’re bringing is, Logitech’s high-end model UE6000 portable headphones.

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Look: the fashion top

With earphone industry gradually to the rapid market changes, a growing number of high-end brands began to devote their attention to lower-end among the General market consumers. Naturally for this segment of the population, and design better or worse than the headphones sound level to more directly. Ted Baker note 3 covers

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

As one of the bosses of the headset brand, UE Logitech did not snub the package under the escort of the fine. From Logitech, UE recently launched a series of headphones, it is not difficult to see that dark blue color is the keynote of Logitech’s new products. We can be found from the packaging. UE6000 boxes using a telescopic design, the front has the Logitech UE6000 renderings, as well as the Logitech UE logo. This continues a new series of designs. Disposable seal on the box, but also as protection for consumers when buying a. Package overall elegance and chic, embodies the heart of Logitech UE for the new series.

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation


We remove the headphones. See UE6000 uses a three-section folding storage design, this day and everyday use brings great convenience to the user. Headphones in black as the main body, matching different mosaic reached very good visual effects, texture of the headset is very strong. Get the components also in the hands of moderate, get rid of the feeling of most of the headphones get their hands on the kind of plastic, and not so heavy, go out to portability request is totally achievable.

Ted Baker note 3 cases

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Ear front

Ear cover design on the front of a very rich sense of science and technology. Housing made of black piano paint surfaces, and accompanied by transparent layer UV protection while maintaining also ensures the headset headset gloss of hardness of the shell strength. UE logo stands, mirror-like logo on brushed metal module against a more textured. The side edges of the shell using the Logitech classic orchids as gradient color, outside a circle of Silver trim and styling complete outlines of the headset, is tough.

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Inside of the ear muffs

Ear muffs overall continued the classic match of black and blue on the inside. Ear cushions memory foam as the basis, the outer wrapping a layer of soft leather ensures wearing comfort and durability of both ear muffs. We can see from the diagram headset has a blue lining on the inside, but I need to correct is that here there is a layer of spongy softness is extremely good. Sponge also parcel outside the blue cloth texture space is very uniform, which is for headphone listening to also play a role.

Beam inside the ear head thicker sponge is used as a support. Moderate wear soft for a long time, said soft sponge wearing headphones friends tend not to hold your head to relieve stress. Moderate flexibility tend to be more suitable for long-term wear. Says head beam, Logitech UE6000 head beam on the material selection of really nice thick 2.5mm zinc alloy metal for me his durability with a strong faith. While the quality of zinc metal is lighter, does not cause too much interference we wear comfort. If friends should also note carefully, headphones in detail reasons, headphones stretching parts using headphones generally rarely used bevel surface, two slanted parallel sections make the headset more has fashion sense.

Source: baidu扯蛋loaded

Feature article: human nature sweet

Humanization design is not often we can feel at first glance, but in the long-term use, good user experience is we could have been in favor of a particular brand of important reasons.

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Logitech UE6000 is a high-end active noise-canceling headphones. Headset switches work fine, push-dial design is very convenient. Is extremely user-friendly, the headphones noise function can be selected by the user of the start, which means we don’t even turn on the noise reduction feature can also enjoy music. This is the night for friends or listening to music in a quiet environment is very convenient.

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

Headset battery compartment

Headphones is two 7th batteries. Noise reduction function available to headphones. But it is worth mentioning that, Logitech UE6000 headphones equipped with an onboard headphone amplifier, when we open the noise reduction feature, the headphone amplifier can feel. As regards the practical noise reduction function, xiaobian given score is a medium level, by its specific reasons please focus this week following the introduction of comparative evaluation. As you can see, headset comes with two batteries at random, there is a piece of transparent tape to do the isolation to prevent leakage. When your friends buy the headphones it is worth noting that problems headphones battery compartment is doing such work.

Then talk about the wire. Logitech UE6000 features a detachable wire to mainstream, enthusiast can be taken into account for wire rod holding requirements, also takes into account most of the friends go out to carry or headphone wire damage repair. Large removable wire is a trend, it is an improvement.

Finally, headphone accessories. Logitech accessories for UE6000 not much, but can be called utility Kit. Well-made flannel bag ladies and tell me if you personally get some praise. On the wire, headphones original a mic cable, comes with a docking computer, one part II headphones and MIC cable and splitters can share music with friends.

Sound quality: the beauty of movement

As a fashion headphones, because of surging low; quiet, lies in his noise reduction function. The combination of dynamic and static, and will give the user an environment that can feel at ease to enjoy the beauty of music.

Listening devices: iPodClassic+ Logitech UE6000

Fission-like low frequency shock! Logitech UE6000 evaluation

The elopement of Zheng June

Zheng June this name I want to listen to Jay, humming the dimple of some students is not so well known. As one of the representatives of the Chinese rock, Zheng June has been free and easy, free, life style for many friends like like rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Zheng June of that year that Cinderella is a household name. Today we hear the tracks are from Zheng June one of the classic songs of the elopement. Before the audition, I choose to turn on the noise reduction feature, aimed not at reducing noise but open the headset comes with an onboard headphone amplifier features. Listening to a song, the first feeling is the voice headset dyed heavy, pop songs and most of my friends do the fine tuning. Such as the transverse acoustic headset is moderate, but vertical sound field is particularly prominent. Embodied in, more than the low frequency output of the headphones, dive very deep. Since the ear is turned on, the sound overall warmer, a strong sense of atmosphere, surrounded by a strong sense of. Even so, we hear, find headphone performance as far as possible the situation in detail, but in high frequency as well as the lack of extension, a little tight. Vocals, headset’s performance is good, vocals completed some solid, but the vocals a little later, compared with low frequency in half and half, and no outstanding vocal performance. This is not bad, just headphones tuned focusing on dance music popular in this regard, there are distinct characteristics compared to conventional monitor.

Written in the last: breath so much, I hope that the reader can be satisfied with the small series of the late assignment. Indeed, former UE brought too many memories for us, and now UE is a fresh start, will use his unique voice as we painted a blueprint for better music. As a high-end mute headset Logitech UE6000 main, in terms of styling, function or sound quality have reached the high standards of the industry, if you want to buy a stylish pair of noise-canceling headphones, Logitech UE6000 is a good choice. Ted Baker note 3 cases

Source: baidu扯蛋loaded

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