600 Yuan a local Golden Apple DIY Watch

600 Yuan, a local Golden Apple DIY Watch!

See Hao who wears 24KApple Watch, and then touching one’s own pocket, selling kidney is only enough to buy a stainless steel version of the watch. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Eric Knoll, a chemist for everyone to come up with a great idea to save money and pride: DIY Apple Watch gold plated!

This called the Midas Touch of gold plating equipment can be upgraded to less than $ 1000 stainless steel watch $ 10,000, only $ 79 USD (approximately 600) purchase the equipment, using USB 5V power supply on a gold ion-plated stainless steel electrolytes. GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

600 Yuan, a local Golden Apple DIY Watch!

More importantly, this gold-plated watches not any harm. Only a little is regrettable, not just yet sporty aluminum the same way Apple Watch “evolution.”

Upgrade path as long as three steps:

First, use the clean electrode will watch;

Then, in front of the gold-plated to pre-nickel watch;

The third step is the last step, that is gold ion-plated surface.

600 Yuan, a local Golden Apple DIY Watch!

Step simply easy but also with complete instructional video!

You might ask, which rely on unreliable? Is painted yellow pigments Ah? Rest assured that the set is really a solution of 24K-containing gold, weight less foot.

That principle is it? Electrochemical! It pretty much like mobile phone battery charging, when charging the positively charged lithium ions will be not charged lithium atoms, and when the gold-plated, positively charged gold ions in solution will become a neutral gold Atom, and can be combined with automatic, became part of the metal surface. While the gold-plated surface will wear off, but enough to set solution you saved enough money to buy a piece of real gold … …

GUCCI iPhone 6 Case

Learned this trick, you can watch Ah what the iPhone also has a gold-plated … …

600 Yuan, a local Golden Apple DIY Watch!

Sure enough to spend less money to do great things is still popular, the Kickstarter project line soon acquired more than 10,000 dollars raised (people who only want to raise $ 1500 … … ), It seems that gold-plated career, a long way to go!

via kickstarter

600 Yuan, a local Golden Apple DIY Watch!

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Apple Watch

But Apple Watch after a few days I feel, watch the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Interaction on the watch is not only faster and less bother than phone to social, Apple Watch has another hidden benefit: it than phones are less likely to indulge in.
In such a small screen, you can’t do anything, so I don’t have that feeling of being sucked and they get lost in electronic equipment. To me, that’s the biggest difference between Apple Watch and mobile phone. Until now, Apple Watch is pure business, aim is purely to improve productivity. For some users, this point may be worth hundreds of dollars in price.

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