Fly in the city is what kind of experience

Side, experiencing God in the industry and u tore a force after World War, are expected to have more exciting action drops;

 For “cheating” and “the running man” from time to time on the Twitter hot male star;

In the hot and high visibility of the capital in the afternoon, they “fly” approach combining, in line with Deng’s new movie thug Angel campaign.

Fly in the city is what kind of experience?

Configurations, four drops of the selected flight helicopter, then beat Deng Chao to fly and the whole press conference live on the 360 network parallel. It is said that in order to ensure high broadcast signal continuous, Deng Chao still tied n 4G card, and ice packs to prevent people with cards from overheating.

  Vans case

Fly in the city is what kind of experience?

Now taxi software and film to promote is also spelled, drops Jack off to this activity, even took over Beijing’s air traffic management, while Deng Chao in temperatures of more than 30 degrees, in a suit, from the South to the North Circular Beijing Happy Valley, Olson Park 11, 798 art district.

Vans case

Back in May, drops faster has announced the launch of “a key plane” service, it is said that the service is only provided two routes, namely Beijing-Tianjin and Beijing Yanqi Lake swim over, the fly tour, but I do not know whether the business will be carried out. It is said that after Beijing, Shanghai, “a key fly”, the Chengdu will soon become the third frontier city in navigation, medical aircraft is a Robinson R44, price 600 to 1800 Yuan.

Buzz, the sky is not blocking, young one? Vans iPhone


Fly in the city is what kind of experience?

It is understood that this new film in June to boot, released on December 24 for Christmas and the Lunar New Year holiday period. As of now, an unknown actress, comedy type known, completely different from drama drama of the same name. Well, that is, six months in advance on a marketing.

Contrast, technology seems to be “conservative”, Chaoyang and Haidian, two city feel.

Fly in the city is what kind of experience?

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Millet 4C

In India millet 4I released version, which the machines will feature a 5-inch 1080p display, carrying the two A57 1.82GHz Xiao long, four A53 1.44 CPU core 8,086 core processor run built-in 2GB/3GB memory and 16GB/32GB the body storage, equipped with 5 million pixels front + rear 13 million pixels lens combination.

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