Zeng Dejun of dialogue the era of feelings

Here’s the deal. Zeng Dejun aged 59, in the speaker’s highly respected in the field. 10 years ago, he has devoted effort to do a retro style radio. But not great at this expensive product to find buyers, those precious radio enthusiasts, literary youth and pseudo youth. Decade is sparse in the selling.

A new era, with this old radio, in a musician’s website–children’s-oriented (musikid.com) made a public raised on. More than 200 units, more than 600,000 sold the. This is the first generation of Elvis on the radio. Later, Jing dong also started to raise the need project supports a number of stars. Elvis is East of the old favorite products, its technology and production are very mature, lacks is a platform for users who find themselves–this is the size of the winning East Beijing the most excellence.

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Upgraded 2 Elvis no longer used vacuum tubes, but adds NFC connection intelligent features. “The tube” gives the product the feelings of reduced the number, for a mass-produced product, after all, feelings cannot underestimate the business. More on raised platforms, Elvis for more than 2 months to 1800 units sold, raising more than 3.6 million. From 600,000 to 3.6 million, in fact, not just the power of a larger platform, to a large extent also because Elvis 2 was chosen as East “JD+ start” business benchmark products. Initially only a sales platform of Beijing East, contracting the product packaging and promotional plan … … From behind every Elvis 2 Jingdong logo can see one or two of the plate.

Later, things we all know. Elvis 2 ‘s success has been widely reported, can be found not only on the technology media interview with Zeng Dejun article and into the view of CCTV. Elvis Presley 2 within the small fire. Old once said that the radio over the past 10 years total sales do not exceed 1800 and now (after raising) in the store shipped 500 units per month, is expected at the end of each month to an average of 1000 units.

Media ran out of compliment to this radio-the feelings, retro, originality, collection-level, relive the age of innocence, slow life, “the piece carries the sound of sound timber”. But the doomed to niche product could meet old business expectations. Elvis Presley 2 old teams, in business can only be considered “developing on-the-job training.” Old bigger dream is the other extreme, the age of intelligent speaker, as he did a few years ago to see the Sonos speakers.

His network of Shenzhen told Lei feng, the old company developed an infringement of Sonos patent of multi-room wireless music system, the way he always wants to provide programme and sound companies, but has not achieved significant results in the market. Now, with the success of Elvis Presley 2, old money and position themselves to do the work. By the end of old company launched another brand of intelligent stereo, open dual-branding plans.

I wish “Elvis 2” success can give life dealt with stereo’s old luck, and China also lacks such a technology and the music mood balance between speaker brand.

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