Heating and cooling a glass it s up to you

Some time, you will want to drink warm or cool boiled water (or when trying to poison your roommate … … ), Under normal conditions, achieve this objective we may need two pots, one hot and one cold (or are you a Cup, TA a Cup … … )–It’s too much trouble, so look at the Fuzhou University’s designers included (sound, Liping Lin) bring warm a cup (it’s up to you), with a water bottle you can fix all the problems: Kenzo iPhone 5 cover Kenzo iPhone5

Really creative really simple, traditional insulation Kettle, increased insulation, insulation it is divided into two parts, left with warm or hot water, cold water right. On the lid also has ingenuity, when rotated, outlet, respectively after two parts, then, when after the left, pour warm water, after the right time, you can pour cold water. Also, cups side water marking, avoiding mistakes.

Has a similar set of many martial arts novels? Also a jug, pour out can be two different types of wine … … Hey, hey. Of course, at least for foreigners or recognized the design, so this type of heating and cooling a cup (it’s up to you) and 2013 iF design award finalists.

Designer: included (sound, Liping Lin), Lin Jie (sound, Jie Lin), Chen Dujia (sound, Dujia Chen), Zheng Yuming (sound, Yuming Zheng)

Kenzo iPhone 5 Case Flowers Black

[ viaifdesign.de]

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