Non famous mobile phone manufacturer Elephone P9000 series

This is a much anticipated era of entrepreneurship, whether it is working before you can start the business elite or sewer workers, starting a business can so there is no threshold for the first time, even mobile phone to do so. Elephone for everyone is a strange name. They are a mobile phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, and has launched a number of models. Now they are launching new models will use mediatek Helio P10.

Helio P10 is the midrange market with chips, even though Gao Tongxiao Dragon 810 in the high-end market is a mess, but chips in case opportunities still can’t get the high-end market share, but more solid in the low-end market. Helio P10 processor uses eight A53 architecture, highest frequency can reach 2GHz,GPU by latest T860 MP2 GPU on the ARM, frequency is 700MHz. Will 28nm process manufacturing.

Kaidaer Mini Speaker BDL-KD05 FM Radio and USB

In terms of other equipment, P9000 will be constructed with a full HD resolution screen, rear camera for 21 million pixels, supports popular fast-charging technology. Rumored P9000 will be divided into three versions, the designs will vary.

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Elephone P9000 Kaidaer

Enigmatic from Shenzhen mobile phone brand in China is unknown

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