3D Robotics UAV company was 50 million dollars investment for Qualcomm lead investor

About half an hour ago, Qualcomm Vice President @ James Shen Tweet saying Qualcomm has completed its investment in UAV 3D Robotics.

“Qualcomm Ventures has just completed investment in UAV 3D Robotics. The total investment of 50 million dollars from Qualcomm lead investor. ”

3D Robotics company founded in 2009, Jordi Munoz and Chris Adnerson is the creator (writer, Wired magazine, the former editor of the Makers), focused on making open source unmanned air vehicle (UAV) currently numbers over 30,000 customers worldwide. metal iPhone 6 case

Anderson company had said at the beginning of the establishment he hoped 3D Robotics is a field of UAV Apple, just like Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak made computer mass products, he hopes RPV 3D Robotics familiar to the public.

Qualcomm, the interest in UAVs is not sudden. At CES this year, Qualcomm and the University of Pennsylvania “laboratory for robotics, automation and perceptions” (GRASP Laboratory) developed an App can allow a regular Android phones to serve as “brains” and “eyes” with a four-rotor UAV fly, theoretically without any peripherals.

Show Qualcomm test flight of an unmanned aircraft, carrying cell phones without any modification, are not equipped with GPS, but with particular emphasis on cell phones “installed the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor”, as well as high-throughput Research Institute are developing machine vision software SDK, which contains the crucial computer vision technology.

It would appear that Qualcomm’s investment, still interested in the processor, maybe want to give the drone of a more powerful “brain”. metal iPhone 6 case

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