Has been imitated not beyond, the ancient Apple iPhone review

IPhone was born 7 years total 8 products on its product line, but there are 2 big changes, is the first generation iPhone and iPhone4 respectively. Tomorrow morning’s shows, iPhone will usher in the third major appearance changes, this is the iPhone6 attracted attention as one of the important reasons.

Not surprisingly, iPhone6 should ever on the biggest screen of the iPhone, but also must be the spoiler in the history up to the iPhone. In what best phone released in the Western Hemisphere, let us recall, the history of mobile phones as well as human history has a landmark series, what’s coming.

Prehistoric story, Apple entered the mobile attempt

As early as December 10, 1985, Apple filed a patent for the look of the phone. Although the shell and a few years ago, many of Hua Qiang bei cute cottage is very similar to the wind, but the idea was born sure kill huaqiang North for more than 20 years, although it certainly looks a bit ugly.

Apple’s first attempt to enter the mobile phone market in 2005 – in cooperation with Motorola Motorola Rockr, this is a mobile phone with iTunes. Old Joe are aware of at this time is a threat to the iPod (which was at that time Apple’s main source of profits) certainly is the mobile phone.

Mentioned mobile phones, and of course all kinds of leaks. Long before the first generation iPhone, leak has been flying around. Following is August 3, 06 iPhone leak (black history). Well, this is in line with the scope of man’s imagination.

Original iPhone release: legendary opening

On January 9, 2007 Macworld Conference as scheduled in the United States held in San Francisco. After Steve Jobs said Apple TV, live Keynote on the switch to this legendary pictures, which was after indicate the brilliance of the iPhone.

Then is the classic “big-screen iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone, a breakthrough Internet device” generations “Terrier”, here with the icon is the first of the three icons on the iPhone OS.

Original iPhone is a all black technology phone, its most prominent feature is the 3.5-inch 320×480 resolution capacitive touch screen. Dick FRY-day aluminum fuselage and the debut of Gorilla glass was stunned by little friends. You know, when the giant screen to threshold still only 2.6 inches. But it is a pity, the 3.5 inch wait for iPhone5 are changed.

But its performance specifications are not outstanding, S5L890 Samsung ARM11 processor, up to 412Mhz (original design to 600M, down for control of power), 128m RAM, Flash specification 4G/8G/16G (this is the only 4G Flash memory version, soon was cancelled), 1400mAh battery (the parameters is maintained for years). Let Apple proud camera, at this time, there are only 2 million pixels (1/4 inch F2.8 aperture).

Funny thing is, when Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Conference site for jobs to help out. In addition, when the iPhone does not support multitasking, so engineers prepared 5 machines and let Steve display function. miu miu

When Apple selected operator is AT&T, according to Apple’s plans, iPhone should be in 2008 to enter the Asian market, China Mobile is also in the cooperation plan. But things get people, the plan 6 years later than originally scheduled.

System, the first generation of iOS for the iPhone OS, use Mac OS x’s Unix core. Multi-touch, mobile version of Safari browser, two-finger zoom Google map, iTuns unified management is very amazing design. Also open the “system, hardware brushes” tradition.

That year, Nokia’s boss, mobile systems are Symbian and WM, BlackBerry, Palm OS’s game. And it has set the starting price at $ 499/599, as expected, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and many other IT people are wildly overpriced. But on June 29, 2007 put on sale by the end of the Apple has sold 1.38 million iPhone.

Steve Jobs says “this phone in leading the industry for at least 5 years! “Although it’s not so exaggerated, but original iPhone is one of the most revolutionary in history. Pros and cons but it is also very clear: does not support 3G, multitasking and third-party applications are not supported, cannot send MMS, cannot replace the battery, but even the headphones can only use the official original … …

Birth of the iPhone3G App Store

On July 11, 08, Apple’s launch of the iPhone3G moved to the worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Product configuration changes little, CPU, screen, cameras are unchanged, but added a GPS and 3G (WCDMA). But metal body is reduced to engineering plastics, body thickness also rose from 11.6mm to 12.3mm.

IPhone3G changes, more is shown in the system. System upgrade to iOS 2 (also called iPhone OS), the introduction of the revolutionary iOS SDK and App Store. App Store on launch day (July 10) opened in iTunes, and created its share of Apple and third-party developers 3/7 rules.

Also coming are cloud services, MobileMe, it is then iCould prototype, you can synchronize users ‘ mail, calendars, contacts, but the $ 99 annual fee as well as the stability of synchronization performance, so it will soon be “replaced.”

Prices and the system of dual-thrust, iPhone3G in 2008 sales up 10 times from early times to 11.62 million.

IPhone 3GS speed of minor upgrades first

On June 19, 2009, the iPhone 3GS was released in that year’s WWDC, which is first is not Steve Jobs personally released the iPhone. Also create s across the year Edition (s representative speed) tradition.

A comprehensive upgrade of the iPhone hardware, claims performance improvements more than twice times. Processor pushes 620MHz, increase memory up to 256M, with 3.2 million pixel autofocus camera, supports VGA (480P) the clarity of the video. Most of conscience is, its hardware can run iOS 6!

Earlier releases of iOS 3, Apple is finally here with MMS support. Push the third-party application services, compass, radio, software, cross-screen operation, remote wipe capabilities also joined.

Its most famous feature updates, copy and paste functionality, of course. Most pain feature update comes as Spotlight searching, search content including contact, email, calendar, notes, and iPod. Home page slide to the left of the card when the tradition to end until iOS7 … …

This version of the iPhone sold 1 million units in the first weekend, iPhone sales go to 20.73 million the same year.

IPhone4 once again change everything

On the WWDC on June 8, 2010, iPhone4 released as scheduled. This is first look iPhone upgrade, it stretches several-generation rounded design is finally over. This classic glass on both sides of the sandwich structure, still many manufacturers imitate. In addition, when Apple’s engineers design prototype lost in taverns, is still one of Apple’s most serious leaks.

As Apple describe it, which is completely redesigned: double-sided Gorilla glass, stainless steel frame, 9.3mm the body thickness. Own A4 chip debut, 512m memory back-illuminated, 5 million pixel camera, HDR mode introduced. Although the screen is 3.5 inches, but dark and retina and IPS technology to the (3.5-inch 960 x 640). Began to kill the Apple screen counterparts, and the history of mobile phones begin to PPI.

Miu Miu Bag Design Silicone Case for iPhone 5/5S Blue

IOS 4 released in the same period, although the appearance changed little, but the speed increase in number and quality, finally introducing multitasking (although there is pseudo-multitasking), and Facetime, desktop folders, custom wallpapers, Game Center, airplay (stream media across devices) and AirPrint (wireless printing), Wifi hotspots all came.

In addition, this is the iPhone first came out of mass quality problems. Made with stainless steel frame antenna design is not yet mature, there is now a “antennagate” (hold at a different angle would let cell phone signal fluctuations). Treatment was given Apple offers free cases, weakened to cover the antenna and fix the problem.

Sure this crisis is not doing well. But even so, iPhone4 or set a new sales record. In 2010, iPhone4 ‘s global sales volume reached 39.98 million units.

Posthumous iPhone4s jobs, downhill start?

IPhone4s in 2011, published on October 14, changed history published in June in the past and continues today. 4s in appearance, just before the contrast changes the location of the signals and slots, and more a signals and slots. This compact design also makes it the first global mobile phone (supports all cell phone format: WCDMA/CDMA/GSM).

The hardware side, the main CPU is upgraded to the dual-core A5, frequency 800MHz cameras up to 8 million pixels, adds a set of lenses to enhance light transmission, supporting 1080P video recording. But this upgrade is still low, it has aroused the discontent of many netizens, the name of “s” and even ridicule for the “s” for same.

IOS 5 published while at the same time, the software gives you a surprise, part of the first voice Assistant Siri. Its practicality is still small, but has become the mobile phone system standard.

While publishing the notification Center, iMessage, iCloud and PC-Free properties. The former is the Apple version of the notification bar, and iMessage is trans-free IM service for Apple devices. PC-Free brought from computer to activate Wi-Fi Sync and iTunes. It joined the gestures but also for iPad features, even now, this is an Android Tablet dream still functions.

At the press conference on that day, dear Qiao Bang master died, but Apple fans with grief to help Apple brush sales records. Launch day Apple in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Japan went on sale in seven countries, and its sales volume reached 1 million in a single day.

The same year, Apple topped more than 10 years longer than Nokia, Earth’s most profitable cell phone manufacturers. IPhone’s global sales reached 72.3 million.

IPhone5 insipid cross-generational upgrade miu miu iPhone case

IPhone5 officially released on September 13, 2012, which stretched the fuselage and remove double-sided glass design, introducing all-metal fuselage, grew 4 inches of the screen, at the same time to nano-SIM card design. Although gets bigger, but the fuselage instead of light, from 140g to 112g to lose weight successfully.

New machines using the new 1.3GHz frequency A6 core memory increased to 1G, still 8 million pixels camera, front-facing camera finally upgrading to 1.3 million pixels (previously embarrassing is 300,000 pixels), and support for 4G. Meanwhile updated hardware EarPods headphones. But the version of the paint problem, black version particularly hard, black paint products on more than one test … …

IOS 6 with iPhone released 51, as Apple and Google have deteriorated, this version of previous biggest difference is Google. Google maps was replaced by his map, but even with gorgeous 3D Flyover view mode, but will not save the Apple map-sky location, new CEO Tim Cook even apologize for it.

Both the Passbook and call rejection-free mode. Siri also finally can be used to open the program and send Facebook, Twitter.

IPhone5s/5c flat start

This version of the iPhone was released on September 20, 13, this is the first time in a simultaneously release two iPhone launches. 5s uses a new 64-bit A7 processor, and introduced the Touch ID black technology. Since Apple bought directly from the companies that invented this technology, so the technology world’s only.

The processor also comes with a coprocessor is used to reduce the power consumption of the machine, while the memory is still 1G. Although not pretty processors the numbers, but its processor is and iPad with Air (reduced frequency), enough to kill over the Android flagship. The same brother 5C is basically the iPhone5 from metal to plastic shell, hardware parameters have not changed.

Of course, people will not forget the 5s also introduced a third color other than black and white-the local gold.

Published iOS7 in the same period, is the first since Jonathan took over the software sector, the bold color scheme, as well as refreshing to exaggerated flat, says this system is the biggest feature of 5s too much. Although the new system is not much improvement in functionality, but a new interface style, pull on the control bar, and fingerprint recognition, is worthy of praise, but also copied Android manufacturers around.

This launch of the most disappointing of all 5C priced, its configuration and the iPhone5 and lost the metal body, while prices have declined, but still led to its poor sales, Apple has reduced its capacity.

But this time the iPhone 5s and 5C also set a new sales record, three days before the listing that sold 9 million units. 2013 reached 150 million iPhone sales.

IPhone6 health equipment and large screen?

Since jobs gone since Apple’s secrecy is far less than before, various spoilers began almost a year ago. IPhone6 appearance and configuration, almost half a year ago, had been “settled.” You launch is looking forward to become verified, but Apple always give us some surprise, and today’s announcement will do? Are interested, welcome we love live and related follow-up evaluation.

Love live link here: http://www.igao7.com/special/live/3/201409/54099a51ca37a.html

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