Mac 4/4S batery + solar asking for case

The EnerPlex Surfr 1400mAh Battery Case with Emergency Sunlight Charger for iPhone 4/4S is usually beautiful, luxury iPhone case and integral battery and thin-film pv panel. Luxury with PerformanceThis case is usually stunning complement to the classic mac look, and smoothly extends the apple iphone battery life. The panel will get more solar energy than other panels regarding the size and weight. Exclusive machinery from American thin-film technology patron Ascent Solar – because the solar panels are mounted on plastic, not window, the design can be ultra-slim. That’s why i think so sleek. Key Features Rise battery capacity by up to 75% Beautifully styled, and only 15mm huge Charge and Sync via micro usb port input Solar panel for backup or just emergency charging Protection – tougher plastic shell with aluminium frameTechnical Details Weight: 82g Dimensions: 126mm x 61 mm x 18 mm Capacity: 1400 mAh Enter: 5. 0V DC 500mA (Micro-USB Port on bottom) Ouput: tio. 0V DC 500mA (Apple 30-Pin Connector into phone) 2 week manufacturers warranty. Click for Motion picture Overview:

I like iPhone 5 solar charger. I have many years experience about iPhone 5 solar charger.More information about iPhone 5S solar charger. It is a helpful resource for your referiPhone 4 Solar Charger Battery Case


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