Birth of new large capacity battery full charge in 6 minutes

Lei feng’s Web on August 14, in recent days, from the United States at MIT and Tsinghua University researchers have developed a new type of battery, it can be done in 6 minutes on a single charge.

It is understood that the lithium-ion batteries for now on the market, the electrode at each charge, will appear in the expansion and contraction of particles of lithium loss, it’s easy to shorten battery life, while the new batteries using nano-particle electrode, anode is an egg-shaped structure, “shell” is titanium dioxide, “egg yolk” are aluminum. When separate aluminium from the titanium shell, space allowing it to expand and contract, so that the shell will not be affected, thus substantially increasing the battery life.

Other than the extended battery life, the battery charging process of shrinking and swelling significantly reduces, charging time is also greatly reduced, it is learnt that the battery as used on mobile devices, full charge takes about 6 minutes. In addition, the growth of the capacity of a new battery a lot, you can achieve the current lithium-ion batteries used in mobile devices for about three times.

At present, this battery is still in the experimental stage, but researchers said, this battery is not difficult to mass production, and also very simple, very cheap.

If the battery can be developed and put into the market place of existing lithium-ion batteries, will give mobile devices the user greatly facilitating, imagine a Smartphone, Super, flat lamps filled with power equipment for several days, and power consumption is just six minutes after the finish, this is a very exciting thing.

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Millet QC2.0 fast battery charger Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5 case

Lei feng’s Web on August 8, until rumors of millet to do Quick Charge 2.0 standard fast charger, but for so long, the new product has still failed to show up. Now this fast charger has been certified by 3C, and has spy photos Twitter users to expose their products. According to @ net exposure of information in its charge, the charger model HA511, design by purple rice science and technology.

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