Run software shows that Samsung is developing Galaxy Note 7 Tablet


Earlier this month, a model for GT-N5100 device already running in the NenaMark2 software, speculation GT-N5100 is Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy has yet to announce Note flat. Foreign media reports, just yesterday the device runs reappeared in the GLBenchmark run results, a let the world recognize Samsung is developing a related Note 7 inch tablet. It is worth noting here that the Galaxy Note and members often refer to Note2 non-concept, numbers 7 and Galaxy Note 10.1 here refers to the plate size. S4 Otterbox commuter review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Commuter Case White

Running leaked Galaxy Note 7 will pick up Samsung 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 processor, screen resolution of 1280*800. Currently runs Android software displays carrying 4.1.2 system, speculated at the time of release will be powered by the latest Android 4.2. Tablet release date has not yet been determined, but speculated that should be posted on the CES or MWC in early next year. Due to the current 7-inch Tablet competition, Google Nexus 7 sell, Amazon also introduced a cheap Kindle Fire 7 inch, and, more recently, there is talk of Taiwan manufacturers ASUS, Acer will launch 7 inches cheap tablet, also added the Apple iPad Mini rival. And Samsung is currently on a 7-inch Tablet does not appear in any competitive product.

Small Note series is very interested in multi-tasking, if Samsung will Note 2 the same multitasking to the screen Note 7, small thought it would be a very desirable and very competitive product. S4 Otterbox commuter review


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