Women love big-screen phone?

Since last September, Samsung GALAXY Note i9220 were listed, this phone is creating a mobile cross-border flat precedent. Not only so that the industry is stunned, and the phone also got many users like. Is that followed, a wide variety of big-screen phones are different phone manufacturers into the market. In 2012, this trend continues. lifeproof for iPhone 5s

This year a crucial shift in the Android platform, in quad-core mobile phone debut and quickly become more available, Android devices began to screen the work. Big screen into the development trend of the year Android devices, and will at the end of this year, HTC 1080p big-screen phone has swept Japan and the United States, China’s three major markets, and 1080p display screen as a new trend, swept up in the Android device.

ZTE’s 5-inch screen of the new machines to be released: the Nubian Z5

It is reported that the first half of 2013, Samsung, Sony, LG and domestic manufacturers ZTE and Huawei 1080p full HD devices are also expected to launch. And the news is the electronic times by more than one industry broke the total proceeds. These Android manufacturers are to be launched in the first half of next year 1080p 5 inch full HD like HTC Butterfly mobile, Samsung and LG will use their own display, and Sony itself is selected to participate in a joint venture of Japan showed companies (JDI) screen.

In the big-screen phones since birth, has been controversial in the industry and user groups. Users believe that the mobile phone screen bigger, appear more realistic, better multimedia effects, especially playing a game, watching a video experience better, and this is also the reason why large-screen mobile 3G smartphones mainstream, so the screen is bigger is better.

There are users that the Smartphone itself is power, and the greater screen bigger power consumption. Previous non-smart phones, can be used at least 3 days on a single charge. And now with 3.5 inch screen smartphones, most batteries a day is not enough. And some with 4.5 inches screen phone of user more is complained daily of charging times, and said each with phone are have with two only hand mutual tie to completed operation, first is can’t single hand operation (finally spent of Yuan caught up with has trend, fell has not is too unfortunately has), second is for many women for, single hand some operation completed can’t, like sent SMS, and chat QQ • • ·

OPPO has just released new 5 inch screen machines: OPPO Find 5

Women users, how big the screen right? As early as last August, in response to this survey, the following findings:

Asian women: iPhone lifeproof case

About 3.1: General female users (can be seen from sales, why Nokia’s many women, women don’t play much on the one hand, does not require a playability, on the other hand, Nokia touchscreen phone size is generally about 3.1 inches)

About 3.5: hand of female users

Women in Europe and America:

3.5-inch: women in General (this can be seen from the size and sales of the iPhone, and the iPhone in Europe and the biggest audience is young women)

About 3.7: hand of female users

HTC releases new 5 inch screen machines: HTC Butterfly

In many people eye in, with top of survey results as, are think women, especially China of women not to purchase over 4.0 inch screen of phone, a is, big screen phone even male took in hand in single hand operation will think difficult, more alone is women user; II is, China of women relative for also is compared conservative, not willing to took with so big of a stuff everywhere Hoang.

But now the reality of the situation is a bit beyond people’s expectations. Walking in the streets, what iPhone, weak explosions everywhere, beautiful girls take Note Samsung series mobile phones or any other brand of big-screen phones, but men with a little like large screen phones. According to this, small series summarizes several of the following reasons:

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case Black

1, first of all, of course, is the phone itself, big-screen phone with a very cool, very cool, very eye-catching.

2, women carry bag-habit, when not carried inside the bag is good, very convenient.

3, large screen phones but also to protect women, when wolves used when it is necessary.

If netizens think that there are other reasons, can communicate and small series, I do …

Fewer men for large screen phones, it is easy to understand, simple men like, usually do not bring bags, but buddy’s pocket and too small, no way, had to use screen smaller cell phones. Unless they are willing to die for their cell phones to specially made a pair of pants.


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