Available to buy 6S Rumors: Front Camera In order to 1080p Slow-Mo Video Recording, Beautiful Photo, LED…

(Photo: The canadian Sullivan | Getty Images News)

Haymarket Check iPhone 6 Case

According to the latest best iPhone 6 caseS myths, Apple’s next-gen flagship device need an upgraded front-facing camera.

Hazma Sood, a developer known for sharing legitimate iOS updates in the past, spotted might be updates for the upcoming device’s front camera.

“Sood spotted a certain code hints a few new features effectively coming to the iPhone’s front-facing along with, including the ability to capture 1080p media player, shoot in 240-frames-per-second slow motion, earn panoramic photos and a new project, ” Business Insider wrote.

In addition to most of its rivals sporting significantly front cameras, the website said “it’s not too surprising” for the impending iPhone’s own front shooter ahead with improvements as well.

Sood revealed his findings via Twitter that you could see here.

By contrast, the designer iPhone 6 case‘s front camera is only capable of 720p video recording and doesn’t system other features that the 6S’ along with will allegedly have, according to the smartphone’s specs listed in GSM Arena.

Consist of iPhone 6S rumors, suggest a method to00 the Bendgate controversy that overwhelmed last year’s iPhone 6 and after that 6 Plus. The Taipei Situation picked up a statement by Catcher Expertise chairman Allen Horng which could already have implications for Cupertino’s next-gen flag ship.

“Thanks to the smoother production and after that strong orders for metal terme conseill√© for new projects, we now forecast the 2nd quarter will be better than this using a, ” Horng said.

The company is the world’s leading metal chassis businesses.

Phone Arena thinks the “new projects” Horng is referring to will be the iPhone 6S and 6S Moreover. The website also cited a statement maded by the company’s CEO regarding scaling factors for an “innovative process for one from the smartphone clients” as further truth that the iPhone 6S rumors will most certainly be true.

The website said top-shelf siete, 000-series aluminum might be used for the recent iPhone’s metal chassis. Reportedly, 7075 aluminum “has almost the ultimate tensile strength (uts) of steel” and is used in running equipment, inline skates and even a M16 rifle.

“If Catcher is really using it to polish Apple mobile phone chassis units, the iPhone 6S and after that 6S Plus might be one of the touchiest aluminum unibody phones made to this time, beating the Galaxy S6 after the process, ” the website added.

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