PDair iPhone 6 Plus Leather Switch Top Case

PDair iPhone 7 Plus Leather Flip Top Claim (Brown)

Capital MS Monogrammed Leather iPhone 6 Flip Case

iPhone 6 flip cases Plus Textile Flip Top Case (Brown) is undoubtedly handcrafted from superfine full embryon leather and offers a slim flip over top style design. Multiple outside openings provide comfort of use and access to the device functions. It means place the case anywhere like in rucksack or pocket. Beautiful stitching as premium exclusive selected leather traveling together creates this extraordinary vehicle while adding luxury and all protection. A sturdy swivel seat belt clip is included with the case. Have to you prefer to carry the device in your pocket, typically the belt clip is completely removable.

PDair customs design the best handmade good quality leather case, carrying phone wallet holder, deluxe flip cover, lavishness book stand case, protective holster pouch, premium wallet sleeve, recommended aluminum metal case. We in addition provide a wide range of cellphone soft case, heavy case, skin cases and piece. Please review.

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