Plaything Soldiers: War Chest will have He-Man and GI Joe DLC

Structure defense/action hybrid Toy Soldiers: A tremendous Chest will be getting day one He-Man and G. I. Joe DLC upon its release this summer in Xbox One, PS4 and PC OR LAPTOP.

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While the main game will make use of four unlicensed toy armies, an spruced up Hall of Fame Edition will definitely add an additional four licensed troops to the mix.

The two that have been announced to date are He-Man and G. My. Joe. The former comes with his Thwart Cat, Eternian warriors, and Eternia. G. I. Joe’s set will comprise of his squad members, such as world commander Duke.

The additional two competent armies have yet to be televised.

As reported by Polygon, Toy Militia: War Chest’s standard edition costs $14. 99 (about �10) whereas Hall of Fame Edition will be double of at $29. 99 (about �20). The additional four licensed armies may be purchasable at $4. 99 (about �3) each or $14. 99 (about �10) for the whole set.

Apply for a glimpse at how He-Man and Grams. I. look in action in the hot Toy Soldiers: War Chest game trailer below.

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