Carry holographic glasses Hololens and games, Microsoft at E3 brushes

Lei feng’s Web on June 11, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will be shown at Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 holographic glasses Hololens and game related content. Meanwhile, according to the exhibition organizers said this year’s E3 show will have 27 companies display with AR/VR technology-related content, only 6 had received more than a year ago. Kenzo cover iPhone 6 plus

In January of this year, Microsoft released HoloLens and lifted its powerful features all of the technology industry’s appetite, but the scarcity of new stock, as of now, few people will really play with this product. Earlier, the source said that Microsoft already has first-party production group developing games for the device, which will be open to developers through Windows Insider projects API interface. And now, Microsoft at E3 showed Hololens and related content, for many fans, this was an exciting message.

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I would like to

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