How to sensibly buy buyer/price curve analysis

The topic under discussion today is only one – which is good-time cell phone is better. And the purpose of this topic is only one: buy the right machine at the right price. In addition to walking/running under x-Amoy/outside of Hong Kong and Macao, and for many users, select appropriate time replacement is the most hassle free way to save money.

Additional effect is that this topic, you can see the different brands/models of price rate, how they cut speeds at different times, as well as which brands price cuts, more fierce/stability.

Mobile phone manufacturer pricing can be generally categorized into two types: one is the established manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, “stair price” and the other one is starting from Apple’s “new price”. Which is often the high price market, falling prices for the period until delisting; the latter is clinging to the price, was not until the next generation of models listed for a big reduction.

The decline of traditional international manufacturers, due to factors such as time and the type of intensity, and showed the brilliant and varied price curve, this time only in accordance with the different vendors, different models for specific judgments. best iPhone armband


Samsung s and Note two flagship series, they are one more a year, which updated March-April every year, around September each year to update the latter, exactly half a year apart. This disguise is released every six months a flagship, but the obvious price difference for the two series.

We took a two-year flagship Galaxy S4 Galaxy S5, Note3, Note4 as samples, Unicom Edition of selected were first released. Besides Note4 1th shop data (Jingdong Note4 wave is too large), others are East of the data. Disregarding small movements, and 7 days after processing the data, obtains the following chart.

Direct price comparisons of the timeline. The first interesting thing is that Jing-dong in the opening quarter of 2014 (September-October) should increase the price, and the more popular models increase to more, while flagship S5 is the rising price of 900 dollars.

When the horizontal change is listed after the length of time (in days), there are a few of the more interesting things. First is the price of the Note series than the s-series is more stable, and more value. Same listing long, two post of the series has remained at around 800-1000. Dripping down a generation of–Galaxy and Samsung S5 drop much faster than the S4 was a record.

Published prices, international brand flagship models generally focus on price of about 5288 (is the price of iPhone), 5199 S4,5299 S5,5799 Yuan Note3,5399 NOTE4 were relatively close.

Released two months later, s-series will be a big reduction, up to 6.5 months after the drop is not constant. S4 price 3800 Yuan for six months after the release, S5-3500, and six months later and Note3 4700 NOTE4 to 4600.

They slash prices next to another 4-5 months began (that is, 10 months after it is published), and the next-generation model appeared later (released 1 year later), the S4 is price 3200 Yuan, S5 is 3000 dollars. Then they can slowly reduce the price, but S4 after 1.5 years, and can still maintain the price of 2500.

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Although the law is only a flagship series, but it has only half a year more policies (September and March).

Dafa three generations starting price is the flagship of 4999 Yuan, between the different generations of models have distinct price ranges, the same period of time the difference between 500-800 Yuan. Worthy of note is the Z2 was released late February 2014, but repeatedly bounced checks, only went on sale in the country by the end of May.

After the uniform number of days of using the publish as a horizontal axis, find legal price curve is not scientific at all. After the new models, older models had no significant price cuts. In addition, theoretically, upgrade small and odd little Z3 should upgrade matters is cheapening the fastest and cost-effective in relation to the maximum Z2, supposed to be the best firm. But the fact is that Z2 is diluted (the slope of the curve) bigger than the Z3.

Law provision for the longest period is longer than the Samsung, Z1 is the first three months dropped to 4500, Z2-3700 Yuan, Z3 for 4000 dollars. Their decline after decreases; six months later, the Z1 is 4500, Z2-3500, Z3 of 3800 Yuan. Z1 fell to 2600,Z2 a year later fell to about 2200.

HTC, LG, Nokia

Three models of price timeline

Axis uniform for sale days

HTC M8 released in May 2014, starting price is 5288, released two months after falling to 4100, three months dropped to 4500, 4 months down to 3800, six months after the 3600, 3000 a year later. But it is a pity, M9, M8 has been out of stock in the State.

LG G3 situation is rather special, it first appeared in May 2014 in Korea went on sale, but was only officially into China at the beginning of August, so only 3999 Yuan starting price, but still more expensive than contemporaneous HTC M8. In addition, its price changes were few, and released a month down to 3500, down to 3200 only after half a year, nearly 9 months now to 2800.

King diminishes the impression of Nokia, it is also very special. Former flagship, the Lumia930 released in April 2014, but only went on sale in the country in September of the same year, so older smaller adjustment here, lumia1520 as the representative of the appearing in November 2013. To be considered a lumia Note series was in the series, so the price will be higher than his normal flagship of Nokia hundreds of pieces. Because Putin is no Nokia sell 1520 East, so it’s using Amazon’s data (result of price fluctuations is very obvious).

Lumia1520 4999 price market, 2.5 months down to 4500, and drops 4000 4 months after half a year later, 3500, and spent 9 months below the 3000 mark, 2700 a year after year, lowest prices only in the 2600 (nearly 14 months later). While it is regrettable that, in a lumia1520 curve also saw, Amazon also lunar new year rise in price … …

Price data for these models is simplified, compare different brands/models of price, listed at different times after the price change. Because there’s no flagship machine, their starting price of around 5000 (LG G3).

Solely on the 3-month price point, everyone 3700-4100 price segments (note series-4700), easily grabbed the HTC Nokia beneath the King’s throne and fall to 4000 for 3 months, but drop very slowly;

Half a year at that point in time, all drops price of 3500-3800 (Note on series 4200 at), different models in minimal price differences at this point;

One year after the release, Samsung, HTC could still remain at 3000 Yuan from top to bottom, but Sony and Nokia fell to around 2500.

Stability model

Than these old-line manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony’s “stair price” Apple-like “replacement price” will significantly reduce everyone’s decision difficult. On behalf of manufacturers, other than Apple, millet, Meizu, VIVO, oppo, emerging almost entirely from domestic manufacturers.

IPhone only in September new releases each year falling prices, price is 800 Yuan, and generational models drop stack, which models are usually earlier than 2 years ago listing down around 1600, assuming, of course, is still for sale.

So whether you want to buy a new model or older models, it is recommended to change Apple fans had better start in October-November, the old saying goes: buy early to enjoy early, late buying didn’t discount. In addition, recommended for Virgo users bypassing the first batch produced, during times of major process or technology improvements (new glass, metal processing and the like), the first machine will usually have small blemishes do not affect use.

To the average price in 2000-3000 from domestic manufacturers, little with them prior to the replacement price drop up to hundreds of dollars. It is regrettable that, with series of new models after the listing, older models will immediately halt, so there is no so-called replacement price. Millet is usually in August-September, new products, Meizu was in September, VIVO, oppo manufacturer model series more, and has not been fixed, but it is generally concentrated between September-December.

In addition to the motorcycle just came back from the motoX has yet to cut prices, its pricing strategy should also be updated prices. MotoX series is every 8 September replaced recently just started out parameters, estimated release time will be around August.

Buy their machines, the same proposal as far as possible at a time when they had just pushed the new machine purchase (assuming, of course, to be able to grab).


It talks a lot, boils, domestic flagship Apple and fresh from the bought it. Buy Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Nokia and other international flagship, but budget shortfalls, 2-3 months after the model is appropriate.

Samsung went on sale about 2 months will walk through the first period and the fall into a 4-month period of stability, “translation” is s-series in June-July, and Note series in November-December, starting with more appropriate;

Sony released 3 months after the drop slows, the FA released between 6 months to 1 year, and the drop is quite obvious, Sony also fit released after 3 months of purchase (6 July and December to January next year);

HTC M8 3 months later fell to 4000, a record drop recorded after 3 months up to 400, half a year later a reduction of 600 can be described as very strong. 3 April, HTC and LG in June-July of the new machine is more appropriate, starting with Nokia in July-August.

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Then summarize what is, 6 July and December of each year are bought for good-time machine, this time many flagship machine down to the right price. Of course, if mobile phone demand is not high, and previous generation flagship of direct buy international brand, is one reasonably safe and sane thing to do.

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