Garmin Vivosmart moderato bracelet review

Now smart wearable devices can be divided into two groups, one with Samsung, Sony, LG, combined with mobile communications, another Jawbone as it represents the main body functional movement, and today we see the Garmin Vivosmart, is this another existence between the two factions.

Vivosmart is the second smart-wearable devices Garmin products, even though Garmin has done it before GPS navigation experience into the realm of professional sports watches, but Garmin, until the beginning of 2014 introduced the first smart wearable device Vivofit, and isolation for so long, and we meet the Vivosmart as opposed to Vivofit, it is more from smart phones to accept notifications feature.

First Vivosmart at first glance no different than normal sport bracelet, hidden OLED screen not working even when you don’t see up there is a screen, the Matt bracelet surface is black plastic, but the inner ring has a variety of different colors to choose from, the appearance you want to mix sportswear is still pretty like a fish in water.

Buttoned traditional design is rather simple, but is very strong with its buckle.

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Double-click the “surface” awakening the OLED screen, this only monochrome OLED screen display, brightness in outdoor situations is sufficient, adequate in size displays two rows of English, Chinese is also supported, but whole screen only shows 7 Chinese characters at a time, something is better than nothing.

Vivosmart great characteristic is to have up to 50 meters deep of water, wearing bathing swimming is no problem, but if wearing surf the heat of the water sports, you’d better watch out the buttons came loose, water or something it shouldn’t.

For phone compatibility, systems with Vivosmart iOS 7/Android 4.3 per cent, and line at the Android, Android mobile phone must also support Bluetooth 4.0 ‘s official website announced that currently supported phones include HTC ONE M7/M8, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S4 Active/Note 2/Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z2, basic mainstream flagship phones are OK.

Vivosmart and connect your phone meaning, beyond acceptance, rival ring setting is needed through Garmin Connect Smartphone/Tablet App, so Vivosmart is not completely independent from the Smartphone to use.

In set among, user can select Let Vivosmart displayed of content, which including time date, and meter step device, and step number target, and still timetable, and calories, and walking distance, and music play control, and notification, and VIRB remote control, and heart rate monitoring, and riding line speed, certainly Hou three a needs addition purchased corresponds to of accessories, in operation these interface of when, finger in screen Shang around sliding can switch, but Vivosmart not support upper and lower sliding of gestures.

Pedometers and step goals differ in that the former shows the steps taken today, which shows the distance setting goals and how much quantity, Vivosmart will automatically calculate the number of steps per day target.

Vivosmart most interesting of function is still timetable has, dang wearing started ring still not moving of when, hand ring will for timing, timing full must degree of when, hand ring will vibrations and tips user “the up activities activities has”, then user if up continuous activities two minutes around zhihou, this table will automatically owned zero, then if again still down, measurement number and will continues to cumulative. Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 plus

Vivosmart notification feature and Android Wear and not quite the same, this small OLED screens could do is copy phone notification a copy of display to the screen, to say how close the bracelet and mobile phone interaction is completely not, read the notice in the bracelet and the message will not be displayed as read on the mobile phone.

In receives to news of when, hand ring of screen will points bright, then displayed notification sources of APP, most right of small triangle by Xia zhihou on will displayed Xia line text, took mail for, will first displayed wrote people, then is title then is content, for normal length of mail, at least to points 7 screen to displayed, said truth this and directly pulled out phone view mail feels are almost has, its maximum meaning also is is aiming a eye what is what notification then decided to don’t took out phone view’s.

Long pressing will bring up a menu of the main interface, including forced to start a timer, sleep mode, screen brightness switch and connection settings, but detailed set is sorted by matching APP on the phone or tablet.

Vivosmart charger design is still very common, no socket on the fuselage, four contact points on the bottom side, with a dedicated road charging clamps can charge, charging cable is a USB interface on the other end.

Vivosmart battery life is very good, on a single charge, in the case of normal use up to 12 days, also happens to be between the smart watch bracelet, battery life and movement. 、

Supporting the App’s main screen is displayed as cards of information, users can choose to display the amount of cards and have shown a card sort, this App not only Vivosmart,Garmin other smart wear devices are set through here, so if multiple Garmin devices are connected, then all messages will display a stream on the home screen of the App.

Finally, this App is fun to be able to use Garmin devices and other users to become friends, users will be able to compare to each other every day took a number of steps, there are even charts, this is pretty interesting.


As said in the beginning, 2014 smart wear equipment market is very lively, but what do consumers really want? Garmin’s Vivosmart took a moderate line, are still personal think Vivosmart the best timetable, it is suitable for sedentary people who work in offices, although for this crowd and the Garmin Vivosmart initial target group orientation there is still a considerable discrepancy.

Doctrine is not wrong, but Vivosmart in function and specifications Shang go has doctrine of route zhihou, and no in price Shang go doctrine of route, equivalent Yuan 971 Yuan of price for such a paragraph hand ring for also is partial high has, for initial contact smart wear equipment of user for, also is from compared cheap a points of products began, until familiar zhihou again upgrade to this price of products compared suitable’s.

Source Engadget

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