TOOL Announces Minions Paradise for Mobile

EA, Illumination Entertainment and Frequent Partnerships & Licensing have has announced a partnership to create multiple mobile mmorpgs surrounding the Minions from iPhone despicable me, and other characters from next Illumination films. The first game out of this collaboration, Minions Paradise, will allow pros to create a tropical oasis for their digitado Minions, as well as control a never-before-seen Minion named Phil.

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In Minions Paradise, players will create a new brand name the Minions, after they’re shipwrecked on a tropical island. Players ‘ll build, craft and design all their new world from the ground up, and yeah, there will be plenty of bananas. From rapid screenshots, it appears gamers can expect generate volleyball courts, hot tubs, hammocks, and other tropical items. Other activities will definitely find Minions water skiing behind alligators, sportfishing for electric eels and more.

The statement, Frank Gibeau, executive vice chairman of EA Mobile, commented for the partnership:

Illumination Entertainment creates celebrating and unexpected characters in its smash films such as the Minions who are a world phenomenon. EA is excited to acquire Illumination and Universal Partnerships plus Licensing to bring these delightful personas to life for millions of fans located on mobile devices. This incredible partnership will assist us bring players an unforgettable resolution to build the ultimate playground for their Minions, with an engaging story and heavy and varied gameplay.

Minions Paradisepoker launches for free this summer. Check back next for more.

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