4 Questions for Annie Goetzinger

A child in Dior is a memoir while using the legendary fashion designer Christian Dior due to told through the eyes of a fantastic model Clara who arrives at Dior’s atelier just as he is about to alter the face of fashion in 1947. “cue” lavish drawing after drawing at Dior dresses. The result is a fashionista’s delight.

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Parisian cartoonist Annie Goetzinger has in the past created graphic works of fiction about George Sand and Jessica Antoinette. Here she talks about Dior, the similarities between fashion creators and comic strip artists as well as , who draws the best dressed tebeo book characters.

What gave you the reasoning for Girl in Dior? And also why tell it in web novel form?

Nothing has been made roughly art of Christian Dior, however the life of Chanel, and Yves St Laurent have been adapted having movie, theatre and books. And am admire Dior in many aspects: prefers, talent, discretion, productivity, generosity.

Their graphic novel form has functionality to develop the telling. In multiply by two pages for example. That inspired myself for several “défilés”, also for some close-up.

How did you go about searching for Dior’s story and the Dior look for?

I’ve read his autobiography (Dior et Moi) and biographies. Techniques I’ve collected reviews, books roughly all kind of fashion and I reviewed History of Costume in art-school.

So what can fashion design and creating comics share?

Patience, strength, endurance and occasionally! (To create day after day until you generate a collection or a book! )

Are there any Dior (or any other fashion labels) in your wardrobe?

I have a kenzo iPhone case tiger bag more than 20 years old! Dior is too expensive for my cash flow. A Dior lipstick is more money-sucking than my book, you see.

Their heroines of Alex Raymond’s comics: Pagan Lee -the bad girl- in Rip Kirby. So naughty and glamorous. Rip Kirby themselves is also very elegant.

Girl having Dior by Annie Goetzinger can published by NBM in hardback, priced £20. 99

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