Hover over the wall? Parrot Rolling Spider overhand four-axle vehicle

A few years ago, unmanned aerial vehicle has always been synonymous with high-tech, with the father of where to hit, the craft will gradually entering people’s horizons, consumer-level unmanned aircraft currently is undergoing an unprecedented rise, that allowed ordinary people to enjoy the fun of aerial photography.

Today I bring you a thousand dollars and four axis aircraft–Parrot Rolling Spider


‘, ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KW6oiv3R-c’)

Basic parameters

Weight: 55 g (with tire 65 g)

Rolling diameter of the Spider: 140 mm

Propeller diameter: 55 mm

Motor width: 85 mm

Battery: removable lithium-ion battery (for Jumping Sumo) 550mAh

Standby time of 8 minutes (tire 6 minutes), the charging time 90 minutes

Sensors Ultrasonic sensors, 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis acceleration

Meters, and is equipped with a vertical camera and pressure sensors

Led: dual-color LED lights led

Network connection: V4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) smart Bluetooth technology, maximum control distance in 20m

Application: free software with a Smartphone or Tablet PC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 8.1 compatible

Appearance and workmanship

Parrot Rolling Spider is a highly flexible and compact remote control plane, look like many four-axis aircraft, the overall shape is available the letter “x” to describe it.

Rolling Spider compact hand control motor spacing is 8.5cm, smaller than the Apple 6.

Four vertices of a rotor, rotor removable, user in some improper handling may cause devastating damage to the propeller, easy removable rotor replacement.

Body structure using polyamide material, guarantees its weight of only 55g, the introduction of polyamide, which is to ensure the vehicle’s ruggedness, and a high degree of flexibility, is suitable for indoor and outdoor flight is a “toy”.

Front pair of LED lights “eyes”, and under the eyes have a “mouth shape” dented, here you can labelled their favourite stickers, belonging to a form of personalization.

Micro USB interface and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are in the tail of the fuselage, the battery is removable, on its website can be purchased directly, of course a treasure in Taiwan can buy.

Lithium-ion batteries 550mAh, able to guarantee the flight time is about 5min.

The back of the vehicle, can be observed in the engine has rubber feet below, to a certain extent, provide a buffer for the landing or crash.

Location has a camera in the middle of the fuselage, the built-in camera can only take pictures, camera operation is not supported, shots can no longer phone-side view, aircraft connected computers view. Silver mesh metal is the ultrasonic range finders, guarantee the high State of out of control in flight.

Aircraft with 35mb of memory.

On the lower right side of the fuselage there was a small button, which is only the body of an entity key, boot and shutdown functions.

In order to provide a different way of playing, Parrot Rolling over the Spider can choose to install “wheel”.

Two large wheels by a carbon-fibre shaft (10 g) connection can be installed in the fuselage.

Put wheels on Rolling Spider is on the ground, “run”, and Cliff climbing wall, see this and maybe you can understand Rolling the origin of Spider name.

Software Victoria’s Secret iPad mini case

Rolling Spider does not own the remote control, but installs the appropriate APP on the mobile side (Freeflight 3).

Freeflight not Rolling Spider 3 exclusive APP,Parrot of all products of the company’s share. Giant works of software functionality and interface are very good.

Power on the Rolling Spider, green led is lit, and mean that the machine is powered on complete, where the software will automatically connect to a vehicle.

Click on the free flight into the control panel. Control is divided into left and right sides, left and up and down, left right arrow keys; gyro control to the right of the direction of movement of the aircraft and stunts.

There are four built-in stunt, small white users don’t need to worry about manually select special type, double-click a blank area of the screen to complete the stunt.

In order to meet the needs of different users, manipulating master model has three modes, normal, and handles, three models of the main mode of control and move around before and after difference is different, mode of the handle can be used to craft video.

Flight parameter settings.

Hands-on experience

Victoria\'s Secret iPad Mini Case Black & White Stripe

For the average user, I suggest using normal mode, open the control panel at the bottom of the virtual switch, Rolling Spider can take off.

No action required, done Rolling Spider hovering, the threshold is very low.

(Picture from Internet users to share)

Special effects skills show. Click on the image to the top right hand corner of the Magnifier image to view dynamic map. Victoria’s Secret iPad mini case


Aircraft is a toy, but it is an unusual “toys”, has a great harm, improper operation of large aircraft would cause irreparable harm, so operations aircraft should be carried out accompanied by a veteran. However, Rolling Spider do on the security is very good, once you touch the propellers, engine will stop immediately. There are emergency stop switch engine control software.


Both the the where is the father of the “say Wang Feng” aircraft are known as a very attractive product, Rolling Spider starting point for a consumer-level products, its playability, and security is guaranteed by the good, but the range is bruising of the aircraft, which is currently the technical obstacles to aircraft.

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