Almighty powerful open source LOFT-Q veneer machine

When it comes to open source hardware, microcontroller may be a lot of people come to think of it in the first place is the Arduino board, in addition to these there are more interesting things–LOFT-Q, open source computer, LOFT-Q based on all-volunteer A31, has powerful scalability, LOFT-Q can be used as a small but powerful computer.

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LOFT-Q on board a large number of interfaces, sufficient to meet your needs, MIPI display expand the port, SATA HDD interface, HDMI connector, 4 x USB interface, multiple pin connector and maximum support 128GB SD Card expansion. A31 using the Coretx-A7 quad core CPU architecture, PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU graphics processing framework supporting 4K video decoding, dual channel DDR, dual NAND Flash. Built-in WIFI wireless connection up to 150Mbps transmission rate supporting 2.4G as well as 5G, Bluetooth 4.0 supported protocols, Zigbee transceiver, external 3G network card.


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LOFT-Q is designed to allow enthusiasts to build a lightweight Home Media Server

LOFT-Q is a convenient and flexible, high performance, resource-rich ARM of open source hardware, based on total log (Allwinner) A31 quad-core ARM chips. Has the following key points:

-Store and play integration can be achieved. In other words, photos, videos, the LOFT-Q hard disk, and then on TV, audio is available at LOFT-Q to play, very convenient to use; Otterbox defender series for apple iPad mini

-HDMI full HD, audio a high signal to noise ratio of analog output and optical output, output of high quality;

-Multiple connection methods together. Integrated Gigabit Ethernet, infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, can pick up a variety of peripherals, and allows different Internet communication standard, and fun is very high; Otterbox iPad mini case

Ex-180PIN expansion interface, able to meet the development needs of users.

LOFT-Q to the needs of:

Guests can make products that combine entertainment and intelligent control, entertainment, communication and emotional needs in the home life, including games. , More and more hardware enthusiast clubs emerged, but their ideas and thoughts are often limited by resource constraints, LOFT-Q services for these groups through continued to publish their research and development of technology and provides some basic resources, can help create or make small team put the idea into a real product or service.

If you are interested in using LOFT-Q this compact and powerful gadgets to do some interesting things can be purchased here.

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